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Women’s Psychic Abilities in Questioned Anti-Asian Assault –

Las Vegas (AP) — A 57-year-old woman imprisoned for racial prejudice and other allegations after prosecutors made anti-Asian comments and were accused of beating a shopper’s little son on Tuesday. I asked a question about mental ability. Luxury Las Vegas Strip Retail Center.

A woman, Sherry Ann Hill, told the judge she didn’t know how to be prosecuted for hate crimes and asked her to be released from prison without bail before admitting the dispute in another misdemeanor trespass. .. I was sentenced to imprisonment during my working hours.

“Am I going home?” She asked the judge.

Justice of the Peace Harmony Letizia told Clark County Deputy District Attorney Leah Beverly that it was up to Hill’s public defender to assess whether Hill understood the accusations against her.

Hill also faces felony child abuse and misdemeanor battery charging at The Shops at Crystals on July 5th, when he attacked an Asian 6-year-old boy. According to police, he did not suffer any visible injuries. Hill was arrested five days later.

The boy’s mother posted a cell phone video on TikTok last week showing some of the conflicts. It has been played over 1 million times on social media apps.

“She hit my 6-year-old kid around her neck, shouting about racist anti-Asia,” the shopper wrote to TikTok.

Since the coronavirus pandemic took root in the United States, it has happened in a wave of violence against Asian Americans nationwide.

Hill has an extensive history of misdemeanors, including trespassing, sabotage, batteries, wandering, theft, and allegations of theft. According to court records, she has been tested in several state court proceedings since April 2018.

According to March records, if her headphone set was stolen, she couldn’t provide her home address for electronic surveillance. She was released on May 18 after serving 81 days in prison without challenging the trivial theft charges.

The judge maintained Hill’s bail at $ 10,000 until a July 27 court hearing on evidence of the Bias case. She told Hill that she wouldn’t be able to go to the Las Vegas Strip area if she was released.

Brian Cox, deputy public defender on behalf of Hill on Tuesday, did not immediately respond to a message about Hill’s abilities and criminal record.

The mom who posted the video didn’t immediately respond to a private TikTok message asking for comment on Tuesday.


Tang reported from Phoenix.

Women’s Psychic Abilities in Questioned Anti-Asian Assault –

Source link Women’s Psychic Abilities in Questioned Anti-Asian Assault –

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