With the “unstable” affairs market awaiting, Heat strives to avoid the NBA’s hard cap, balancing with Martin’s free agent Tucker – Leading Eagle.

As the Miami Heat prepares for the start of the NBA’s free agency negotiations on Thursday at 6 pm, the team’s priority is to avoid having to work under a tight salary cap for the 2022-23 season total salary. And it seems.

According to NBA sources familiar with the team’s ideas, the heat is considering possible deals (potentially blockbuster deals) this offseason or before the NBA trading deadline in February 2023. We prioritized maintaining the flexibility of the salary cap.

The NBA’s complex salary cap rules force teams to work under hard cap salary caps when:

— All or part of the non-taxpayer mid-level exception, which is $ 10.4 million this offseason, will be used by free agents or multiple free agents.

— The free agent takes advantage of the twice-yearly salary cap exception, which is $ 4.1 million this offseason.

— Earn players in sign-and-trade deals. (Sending out players by sign and trade does not cause a hard cap.)

The 2022-23 NBA salary hardcap is expected to be set at $ 155 million.

By avoiding hard caps, if a team accepts exponential luxury tax payments associated with such overpayments through trading or resigning of their players, the sum of their salaries will be unlimited. Can be exceeded. Among other teams, the case of the recent seasons of Brooklyn Nets and the Golden State Warriors.

The heat has worked under a hard cap for the last three seasons ::

— After acquiring Jimmy Butler in a sign-and-trade deal with Philadelphia 76ers in 2019-20.

— After taking advantage of non-taxpayer mid-level exceptions to the total salary of free agents Avery Bradley and Maurice Harkless in 2020-21.

— And this past season, after acquiring Kyle Lowry in a sign-and-trade deal with the Toronto Raptors and taking advantage of some of the mid-level exceptions for non-taxpayers, adding PJ Tucker to free agents.

In this past season, about half of the NBA’s 30 teams operate under hard caps by taking advantage of one of the two cap-triggering exceptions or by acquiring players through sign-and-trade transactions. It was done.

From the future of Donovan Mitchell in Utah Jazz to the ongoing uncertainty between Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn, players who are fed up with lost situations and lack of play time, there are so many failures throughout the league. There is a stable personnel situation and hard caps alleviate such potential future trade turmoil.

One NBA insider said a potentially “unstable” trade market is expected between 2022 and 23.

Avoiding hard caps also makes it easier for teams to trade players for more return salaries. For example, if Heat evades a hard cap, one or more players are less likely to send Duncan Robinson’s $ 16.9 million 2022-23 salary to earn $ 21.1 million.

The current core of heat’s hard cap avoidance is the return of Tucker to a free agent.

Heat, who participated in the heat last season with a salary of $ 7 million, has the right to start a new contract with Tucker for $ 8.4 million (acceptable 20% salary increase available to all players). .. However, the only starting salary slots available in Heat for Tucker are the $ 10.5 million non-taxpayer mid-level exception, which triggers a hard cap.

Against such a background The future of Tuckers HeatThe future of Heat 2022-23, or under a hard cap, hangs in balance.

Similarly, if Heat uses $ 4 million as a twice-yearly exception to hold Caleb Martin, a free agent forward, that also causes a hard cap.

Ironically, during the 2011 NBA lockout, heat owner Micky Arison stood as a solid supporter of the NBA hardcaps for all 30 teams as a means of maintaining cost certainty. ..

At the time, Allison said, “The original intention of the owner was to have a hard cap.”


With the “unstable” affairs market awaiting, Heat strives to avoid the NBA’s hard cap, balancing with Martin’s free agent Tucker – Leading Eagle.

Source link With the “unstable” affairs market awaiting, Heat strives to avoid the NBA’s hard cap, balancing with Martin’s free agent Tucker – Leading Eagle.

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