Wio Missing Girls Soccer defeats Tulpehocken in a clash of first-placed teams.

In a clash of first-placed teams on Monday, Wyomissing proved why it was the only remaining undefeated team in Burks County.

Sitting high in Division III of the Burks Girls Soccer League, Spartan welcomed Burks IV leader Tarpe Hocken to the flanary field and defeated the Troy horse 5-1. As a result, Wio Missing is 5-0 for Burks III and 10-0 overall.

Spartans took the lead 3-0 in the first half with goals from Sophia Zepos, Isabel Marshall and Audrey Harleman. Wyomissing played aggressively, winning the ball in the middle and putting pressure on Tulpehocken’s defense.

“I thought the girls played really well,” said Rachel Hoffman, director of Spartans. “I thought they came out in the first half and got control of the game. We were playing more (more) at our own pace and speed.”

The best opportunity for the Troy horse to react first was a penalty kick with just over 17 minutes remaining in the first half. However, the shot sailed over the crossbar.

Tarpe Hocken’s only goal was scored by Alyssa Boyer just minutes later, reducing the deficit to 3-1. Wyomissing beat Troy’s horse 24-9 in the game.

“There were some issues here and there when it came to defense,” Hoffman said. “I feel like the girls solved it all and understood it.”

Defending Berks Champion Wio Missing added two more goals in the second half as Hannah Harleman and Zepos found the other side of the net. Spartans moved the ball well and worked effectively both in the center and outside areas of the pitch.

Harleman’s sisters Audrey and Hannah finished with two goals and a pair of assists. The latter is due to Hannah Harleman.

“Both are very fast (and) both are very aggressive,” Hoffman said. “They are great players and even better people, so it’s great to have both on the team.”

Tulpehocken goalkeeper Abby Becker was busy all afternoon, ending with 19 saves. Wio Missing goalkeeper Lenny Harris recorded eight saves.

This season, Spartans defeated Troy horses, Daniel Boone and Kutstown. These are all over 7 wins. Hoffman said he believes that Wyomissing’s powerful performance against Tarpe Hocken will be as good an experience as the end of the regular season.

“It gives us confidence in a better team in the county,” Hoffman said. “It helps us move forward and prepare for the county playoffs.”

Wio Missing Girls Soccer defeats Tulpehocken in a clash of first-placed teams.

Source link Wio Missing Girls Soccer defeats Tulpehocken in a clash of first-placed teams.

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