Wilson’s boy lacrosse is set for a rematch with Hempfield in the District 3 tournament quarterfinals

After defeating 15-5 southwest of 12th seed in the first round match on Tuesday, Wilson of 5th seed prepares to face a familiar enemy in the 3rd district class 3A boy lacrosse quarterfinals. ..

The bulldog will move to Hempfield, the fourth seed, in a rematch of last year’s Championship Game at 7 pm Thursday.

Wilson defeated Black Knights 12-9 last season to win the Third District Championship for the first time since 2017.

Twice-elected at Allbergs, Senior Matt Stitzel said the feeling of winning a district championship would replace individual awards. The confrontation specialist wants nothing but repeat that feeling this year.

“These individual awards are great, they give you a little boost, but at the end of the day I just want to win the championship,” Stitzel said. “Last year we won the district. It’s a great feeling and I don’t want anything else this year. I think there’s a good shot to do that with this team.”

Bulldog (17-4) has many goals as Black Knights (13-4) may be playing with chips on their shoulders from last year’s defeat and the Lancaster-Lebanon League Championship defeat. I’m expecting a game with. Match to Mannheim Township 14-6 at the beginning of the month.

“They really understand their people, their plans, and what they’re trying to do to us. We know it’s going to be a fight,” said Wilson coach Ryan Schaefer. “We know it will be a very good team and we think it’s a pretty good team so we’re expecting a quarter fight to see who’s going. increase.”

With a balanced attack, Wilson must use all weapons against Hempfield. This includes freshman Carter Brensinger, who had the team’s highest six goals against the Southwest.

“He (Brensinger) plays much bigger than he really is,” Schaefer said. “He’s a really good player for us when he was young and he’s very basically healthy. He has a good understanding of the game and finds a good space. And he puts the ball behind the net. Put it. This is a big plus. “

After the BCIAA Championship Game defeated Exeter, Brensinger said his off-the-ball movement was an important factor, as his deceptive size and speed were awkward for his opponents. It was a strategy that was rewarded on Tuesday.

“Many people opened me up and we just put the ball in the net,” Brensinger said.

Bren Singer leads the bulldog with 47 goals.

“It was a great experience through the county and now in the district,” Brensinger said. “As we get deeper, the game becomes more and more meaningful for older kids. For seniors, this will be their last few games, and we really play for them. is.”

Winning a 17-14 match on Tuesday, Stitzel is a dominant threat throughout the season, offering a swaying talent.

Mustang scored in 8 seconds in the first half against the southwest, and seems to have gained a little life. However, the energy quickly reversed as Stitzel won the next showdown and dropped the ball on the field to score without assistance with one second remaining.

“In the previous play, I lost the defense and gave up the goal, and I was a little dissatisfied with myself,” Stitzel said. “With 8 seconds left, I won the showdown, saw the gap and ran away looking only for the goal. Then, looking up, with 1 second left, it seems that I have achieved great success in the last second showdown of this season. , It was fun. “

The Bulldog’s attack, which scored 225 goals, is underpinned by a similarly solid defense that allowed only 87 goals.

“We are a good group. We have worked hard all year long,” Stitzel said. “We made a good attack and got a lot of athletic poles (for defense), and we have a good goalkeeper. When we win, we have 2.7 goals. I think I’m just giving up on games like this, so I’m doing well all year round at the defensive end. “

If Wilson defeats Black Knights for the second year in a row, he will face the quarter-final winner on May 24 between top-seeded Mannheim Central (15-3) and 9-seeded Carlyle (14-3). increase.

“It will be good,” Stitzel said. “You need to be ready to play the rest of the season. Playing one bad game will take you home, so you’re ready for anything.”

Wilson’s boy lacrosse is set for a rematch with Hempfield in the District 3 tournament quarterfinals

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