Will the hostility between the Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers prolong? “It’s like a trend.” – Reading Eagle

In the aftermath of Saturday’s bench clear between the Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers, perhaps the toughest blow was the Cubs’ “laughing gag” accusations from Brewers veteran Andrew McCutchen.

McCutchen noted that the Cubs relief Keegan Thompson did not immediately hit him in clear retaliation for Willson Contreras and Ian Happ hit by pitch. McCutchen said in eight at-bats, “When I came to the bat, everyone and their mother knew. I would be hit.”

“I was a little older and grew up in another era, but when everyone knew it was coming, you got it right away,” McCutchen later said. Cubs win 9-0 In Wrigley Field. “You couldn’t wait. There was no Rory Gag. If you’re going to be beaten, we’re going to be beaten.

“You’ve had a few times to do that, and if you missed,’Oh, well, get the next one.’ The biggest point for me is for a first-pitch strike. It’s throwing away the (cutter). What are you trying to do? You’re trying to get me to guess, for example, “Oh, are you going to sell me?” And you’re trying to sell me Are you going to hit and get three chances?

“It’s just a little, guy. I’ve been hurt by it before.”

Faced with the possibility of suspension, Thompson then did the right thing and denied trying to attack McCutchen, as the unwritten rules of baseball show.

“Sometimes it runs away,” Thompson said. “It only happens occasionally.”

Jason Heyward met the Brewers, leading the Cubs charge to the infield after McCutchen was beaten and started a joke at Thompson. On his first trip, McCutchen told Thompson:

“When I was beaten, Contreras didn’t even move his gloves behind the plate,” McCutchen said. “He didn’t move it. We all knew it was coming. But it was a question of how you do it. A better way to do it had.”

Contreras chased McCutchen with first baseman and said he wanted to prevent veterans from prosecuting Thompson. The punch was not thrown. It was another typical baseball brow haha ​​with lots of words and little action.

Hayward said it was his job as a veteran to protect his teammates.

“I think we treated it beautifully in the field, and that was it,” he said. “Both teams were there for each other. The referee did a great job. Everyone communicated well and played baseball today.”

Neither Happ nor Contreras said he was intentionally thrown, but Contreras was hit 15 times by Brewers pitchers, including each of the first two games in 2022 and 10 times since 2020. rice field.

“But it’s not fun to be hit many times,” Contreras said. “I know they aren’t trying to do that, but if you don’t have a command to get in, you’re going to hurt someone, so don’t get in. I’m not going to be hit on the pitch.

“Last year I understood that. I was on the plate. This year I’m far from the plate. I don’t think it’s big league pitching …. Okay. It’s cold. They’re the same. I don’t have a grip. “

David Ross said Brewers is the only one to know if he’s targeting Contreras, who had some problems in the past.

Is this a protracted problem?

“It’s like a trend,” Ross said of the 15-hit by pitch. “10 in the last two years seems to be protracted.”

But is the hostility between the teams prolonged?

“No one likes being attacked by the same group over and over again,” he said. “I can’t predict the future, but the past will (suggest) not change much, I say.”

Happ, who hit the left patella on Trevor Gott’s pitch for the seventh time, said he was negative for X-rays but expected some swelling.

“I don’t think it was intentional,” Happ said. “But obviously if it’s your teammate, you have to throw a strike if you’re going inside, you have to be able to command it because it’s dangerous Hmm.”

Contreras was not so surprised by Brewers’ reaction to McCutchen’s attack.

“They can react, but to be honest, they can,” he said. “It wasn’t intentional. If it was intentional, I would probably hit him at the opening ceremony. But we didn’t. Keegan is a great person. He’ll hurt anyone. I don’t. “

Brewers manager Craig Counsell said there was only one pitch on Saturday. This obviously means Thompson. He downplayed Contreras’s 15 hits and said the numbers were high because “we play a lot of them.”

Contreras wanted the saga to “die soon”, but did not know if the saga was over.

However, it seems unlikely that he will die yet. This may not be the worst for the Cubs. Few have seen two games since the start of the season, with so many new pieces and such short spring training.

“Do you think it will continue?” Hayward repeated the question. “I don’t think. I just play. I have a game tomorrow. I’ll see what happens.”


Will the hostility between the Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers prolong? “It’s like a trend.” – Reading Eagle

Source link Will the hostility between the Chicago Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers prolong? “It’s like a trend.” – Reading Eagle

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