Will Harry Styles Start a Cosmetology Company? | Celebrity

Harry Styles launches its own beauty product.

A 27-year-old musician, actor, and Gucci spokes model reportedly submitted documents to trademark his name on cosmetics and fragrance brands.

According to a document obtained by Us Weekly, the submission is in the name of Styles, Harry Edward, and the “business nature” is identified as “wholesale of perfumes and cosmetics.”

Harry is listed as a board member of a company named PLEASED AS HOLDINGS LIMITED, alongside Emma Spring, with whom he has worked for years.

Harry says he is the face of Gucci’s Memoir Dune Audur campaign and likes to have the “emotions” behind his fragrance.

Harry once said, “I like the scent behind my emotions. The scent triggers memory for everyone. My mother always wore the same perfume. It’s like Roman candles and jasmine. It has a nice scent. It makes me feel like a child again. It feels like everyone has it.

An informal collaboration with star Gucci began in 2015 when he wore a red carpet label floral suit at the awards ceremony.

Harry said, “I’ve never actually done flare before, and it was really fun.

“I used to wear black all the time, but if I did, I saw dressing up as part of the show, especially when playing. So I always respect and in the music I think clothes have always been an important part of the people I have respected in. Like Bowie and Elvis Presley. It has always been a part of things.

“I love clothes. It’s very helpful. Just wearing a nut suit with lots of sequins and standing on stage makes me feel better and wants to play.”

Will Harry Styles Start a Cosmetology Company? | Celebrity

Source link Will Harry Styles Start a Cosmetology Company? | Celebrity

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