Will Foo Fighters go to progressive rock on their next album? | Music

Dave Grohl hinted that the Foo Fighters would then make an “insane progressive record.”

The “Everlong” group frontman is in a new direction after this year’s “Medicine at Midnight” follow-up has tried dancer David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance” style in a recent studio effort. I made fun of going to.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, 52-year-old Dave said:

“So now there is a whisper to make a record of insane progressive rock.”

Former Nirvana drummers, hinting at their next direction, come after heavy rockers go to discos and release Bee Gees cover records.

Groll and co-creators changed their name to Dee Gees and released covers for the classic hits “Night Fever,” “Tragedy,” “You should Be Dancing,” and “More Thana Woman” on the LP “Hail Satin.” ..

Meanwhile, guitarist Chris Shiflett recently joked that the Foo Fighters might need to adopt a softer style to play with in 2036.

The “Learn To Fly” rocker, formed in 1994, is still alive and well, and maintaining the same loud noise while a 50-year-old guitarist supports longevity reduces hearing.

He said earlier this year: “If my ears are holding up, sure! We’re pretty noisy on stage, guys!

“Twenty-five years later, we all ride stools, play ukuleles, play ballads, but we may still go!

“Maybe we’ll all be in a big plastic box with headphones and an amp simulator.”

The more acoustic style isn’t a big start for country enthusiast Chris himself-although he doesn’t bring those influences into the recording studio.

“Looking at all our record collections, there’s a pretty wide range of styles. Of course, we have a lot of duplication and a lot in common, but then everyone goes to their little realm. ..

“But I don’t often bring country flavored guitar ideas to the Foo Fighters. I just play a lot, right?

“When Foos isn’t working, don’t you know if I’m solo and playing in the band of my kids’ school parents or doing something?”

Will Foo Fighters go to progressive rock on their next album? | Music

Source link Will Foo Fighters go to progressive rock on their next album? | Music

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