Will E-Rides Replace Your Car?

The concept of electric bicycles seems like an invention of the 2000s, but these electricity-powered vehicles have a much older history. The first electric bike was invented in 1890. 

In 1895, Ogden Bolton Jr. applied for and received the U.S. Patent 552.271 for a battery-powered bicycle. Technicians enhanced the vehicle by using a direct current hub motor and mounting it on the rear wheel. 

When they designed the first electric bicycle, the gears were missing. The novelty was that the motor draws up to 100 amperes from a battery of 10 volts. 

The 90s: The Apparition of Modern Electric Bicycles and the Trend of E-Rides

Starting from 1990, people started to develop more modern and upgraded versions of the electric bicycle. Consequently, many people started to use E Bike models that featured power controls and torque sensors. 

That decade was the optimum period for the development of the e-rides market. However, in terms of business, two Japanese companies were the main players dominating this specific market.

In the following period after 2000, this market grew in what we may call product complexity and diversity. 

There are many countries now where people want to have a new and improved traveling experience. For this reason, people show a genuine interest in high performance e-rides.

Moreover, the traffic laws contain many new regulations that set up a framework for electric bicycles. 

Can E-Rides Offer You a New and Exciting Experience? 

If you are a traditional bike user and want a nice e-ride experience, then electric bicycles are what you should try. You should try these E Bikes for a few solid reasons, such as: 

     Share your passion with a friend that is a dedicated rider;

     Keep having a fun and healthy activity while surpassing “obstacles” with ease, such as difficult roads, long distances, and avoid the sweat specific to standard cycling when you arrive at your destination;

     Test out what the dedicated e-ride users say when they consider this activity as an extremely fun and easy one;

     If you are commuting to work, then you will arrive there faster while reducing carbon dioxide emissions, have some healthy exercise and some fun at the same time;

     Using an e-bicycle, you have a reliable alternative for car usage whenever you must have various activities around your town;

     If you are an older person that suffered bodily injuries in the past, then the e-bike helps you do different chores fast and easily;

     Start following mountain routes with ease without having to make extra effort for the steep hill climbs;

     Buy more from the store and carry those extra shopping bags with ease;

     If you are a commuter, then you will keep pace with your traffic colleagues.


E-Rides and Sports: The Presence or Absence of Physical Activity

Some people say that you will not have a relevant physical activity such as pedaling on a classic bike with E Bikes. They will argue in this regard that an electric bike will do most of the work for you because it uses electricity.

 While this is partially true, even when you choose an electric bike, that is still a decent physical activity. In this regard, the researchers from Colorado University have conducted a study where 20 men and women that didn’t practice any sports had to use an E-Bike three days a week and 40 minutes per day.

 Their findings show that the test subjects had two main benefits from using an E-Bike: improved blood sugar and cardiovascular activity in one month.


The Future of Traveling: E-Rides

Even though electronic bicycles were the first, the concept of e-rides includes skateboards and scooters. So, whenever you choose to switch from using a classic bike to an e-bike, that will provide you a set of advantages.

 Those who criticize the usage of electronic bikes argue they do all the work for you. However, scientific data shows that using an E Bike will improve cardiovascular activity and blood sugar.

 At the moment, you can use electric rides as an alternative to a car in certain situations. However, whether E-Rides will replace your car remains open.


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