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Will bad calls lead to robot umpires?

Will bad home plate calls lead to robot umps?

I watch a lot of baseball during the year and I have never seen so many bad calls (balls and strikes) by the home plate umpires as I have this year!

Umpires are making more judgment mistakes than players make errors. Maybe it’s paving the way for the MLB to incorporate robotic umpiring behind home plate next year.

Baseball is changing, let’s just hope for the better!

Jim Buonanno 


Farmer’s Your View on deer was educational

I found the article “Time to act against menacing white tailed deer” written by Mark Lichtenwalner in your Aug. 26 edition interesting.

I learned something from Mr. Lichtenwalner’s column. I am glad he contributed his input.

Eugene Kozma


‘Great’ doctor will be missed after he retires

Dr. Jonathan Munves has been my doctor for 40 years. He embodies the qualities of a great doctor; he is clinically knowledgeable, a patient listener, and plans with his patient all the best treatment.

On top of that, he has been dedicated. He makes himself available in the office or by phone.

He recently told me he is retiring. Best wishes to you, Dr. Munves. You will be greatly missed.

Rita Guth

Upper Macungie Township

Do Trump’s actions show he’s good or evil?

In a recent letter to the editor, a writer says he votes for Trump because he votes for good vs evil. I question in what world is a man good who has committed adultery twice, and probably a third time; allegedly had sex with porn stars; thinks that because he’s a “celebrity” he can grab women by their genitals; disparages the military by calling servicemembers who died overseas “suckers” and “losers”; does not support our prisoners of war, saying he likes his heroes “not captured”; calls some neo-Nazis good people; admires murderous authoritarians like Putin; stiffs contractors; rips off students at his “university”; and thinks he can murder someone in Times Square and get away with it. These are but a few of Trump’s actions that one can question the goodness of, while all the indictments will further illuminate his “goodness.”

Chris Letourneau

Bethlehem Township

9/11 tribute should have been on front page

For those of us born after World War II, Sept. 11, 2001, is our generation’s “date which will live in infamy.” Following the destruction of the Twin Towers, a section of the Pentagon and the plane crash on a field in Pennsylvania, many signs and banners appeared throughout our nation with the words “We will never forget.”

However, other than one day during each of the past 22 years, have we truly remembered the horrific terrorist acts of that day?

Perhaps Page 1 of The Morning Call on Sept. 11, featuring a Philadelphia Eagles football player, would have been more appropriate for Page `of the sports section. Conversely, perhaps page 18, which proudly displayed the Stars and Stripes and the message, “We Remember,” expressing the dedicated meaning of Sept. 11, should have been shown on the front page.

Rebecca A. Kesselring

Lower Saucon Township

The ‘bleep state’ has infiltrated that GOP

Donald Trump has repeatedly invoked the mystical and mysterious concept of the danger of a covert – and invisible – “Deep State,” a fourth branch of government working within the other three branches and against him, his policies and thus, by extension, our welfare. Instead, I have become increasingly concerned about the dangers of what I call the “Bleep State.” More and more lately, I have found myself exclaiming “what the bleep!” about some aspect of Republican politics. For instance, Kevin McCarthy, as majority leader the face of the House of Representatives, has just put personal power, position and prestige – baldly and visibly – over the welfare of the American people by unilaterally opening an impeachment inquiry on President Biden. Admittedly he did this without evidence of criminality, unimpeachably violating his own statements that doing so without the vote of the House is wrong, courting self-inflicted damage to his party in the next election, embarrassingly exposing his own vulnerability to ill-conceived bargains he’s made, and all this while a government shutdown is looming. What the bleep! Forget the Deep State. The destructive nature of normalizing absurd behavior happening in the open is overwhelming. Who can trust the Republicans?

Edward J. Gallagher


How do we answer these criticisms of Trump?

MAGA friends, I need your help. What’s our response to those liberal “Never Trumpers” who cite the following list of lifelong conservatives who were appointed by Trump to his administration who now adamantly claim Trump is unfit for office: James Mattis, Richard Spencer, Bill Barr, John Bolton, John Kelly, Mick Mulvaney, Tom Bossert, Gary Cohn, Ty Cobb, Mark Esper, Elaine Chao, Rex Tillerson, Dan Coats and Trump’s Director of Election Security Christopher Krebs? Have they all been corrupted?

Also, what’s our MAGA response to the Republican government officials in Georgia who dispute the 2020 election was stolen, Gov. Brian Kemp, Brad Raffensberger, Gabriel Sterling and Geoff Duncan, and in Arizona, Republican Rusty Bowers. How did the libs turn them?

Finally, how did the “Deep State” get to Republican Govs. Larry Hogan, Chris Sununu, Eric Holcomb, Kevin Stitt and Charlie Baker, as well as Republican stalwarts President George Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, John Kasich, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Condi Rice, William Cohen, Chuck Havel, Michael Hayden, John Negroponte, Tom Ridge, William Webster, Christine Whitman and Adm. William McRaven?

Are they all part of the deep state? HeIp me please, I can’t just keep saying, “Yeah, but I like the guy.”

Rodney Holt


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