Will 2023 Be Another Big Year for iGaming Globally?

What makes the iGaming industry popular today is that it has aspired to do so for many years. When the first online casinos emerged, several players decided to go for the new trend and some of them stuck around. Nowadays, it’s a giant industry that spreads all over the world.

The industry has lots of real money casinos online and there are thousands of players enjoying them. The fact that these casinos operate in multiple jurisdictions gives them access to a large number of casino fans. That’s why iGaming is a global industry nowadays. But will this continue to be the case in 2023?

The Current Record

2022 and its predecessors have been pretty good for the world of iGaming. In other words, the industry has been expanding globally. Europe is the biggest market in 2022 and this is because the legislation has been better suited to online casino operators. North America is another big market in the game and it has experienced growth recently.

The US in particular is going into online casinos state by state. US players enjoy casino games such as blackjack, poker, and roulette online as well as live titles. They also like playing games on the go as most of them will visit an online casino via their smartphone or tablet.

In essence, the iGaming industry has a CAGR of 11.49% by 2022 and it’s projected that this growth will continue to rise. The industry received an additional rise in numbers in 2020 when the pandemic broke out. Many casino players that liked visiting a venue to play their favorite games had to go online because of the restrictions and lockdowns. For some of them, this shift was permanent and nowadays they enjoy their favorite games online.

Future Potential

The industry itself is wired for success because of several reasons. Both operators and providers cater to the needs of clients by giving them fresh and interesting games to play, a variety of promotions to choose from, and a safe environment to enjoy their games. Players also have access to a variety of payment methods that cover their preferred one.

Customer services are there to give them a helping hand when they run into an issue and most of them are resolved promptly. These are the reasons why clients will enjoy online casinos in the future whether it be 2023 or another year.

In addition to this, online casinos keep track of online trends and make sure to implement them. That’s how mobile-friendly casinos came to be. Virtual Reality has been gaining traction for some time which is why we might see something related to VR and online casinos.

On a closing note, the iGaming industry is a global one because of several reasons mentioned above. If an industry takes care of its clients daily and finds new ways to keep them coming back, then that industry is built to last. That’s why iGaming might be another big year for iGaming.


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