Wilkes-Barre man charged with rape

Wilkes-Barre — Municipal police arrested a man on Wednesday on allegations of sexual assault and rape in September.

James-Barre, 26, at 145 North Sherman Street in Wilkes-Barre, persuaded a woman to walk with her from the downtown area to 470 Stanton Street, forcing her to have lewd sexual activity on September 5. Did. , According to court records.

After the alleged forced sexual activity, McIver took the woman to a residence on Parish Street, where she was raped, court records said.

McIver was charged by Wilkes-Barre district judge Rick Cronauer with two counts of rape and one count each for sexual assault, vulgar assault, and illegal detention. He was imprisoned at the Luzerne County Correctional Facility because he did not have $ 100,000 on bail.

According to criminal charges:

The woman told police that she had traveled to Wilkes-Barre on September 3 to meet a man who communicated on a social media app. After spending the night, she went to the Intermodal Bus Terminal on September 4th and realized it wasn’t enough. Funds to buy a bus ticket at home.

Another person at the bus terminal provided her with a place to stay overnight.

On September 5, the woman told police to return to the bus terminal, followed by a man who was later identified as McIver.

McIver started a conversation with a woman who learned she was stuck. McIver told her she knew where to get cash for her bus ticket, so she persuaded the woman to walk with him, the complaint said.

According to the complaint, when McIver and the woman arrived in the closed bowling alley area of ​​Stanton Street, she claimed to have forced lewd sexual intercourse between trucks and buses.

She spoke to the police, the complaint says, McIver threatened to kill her if she did not act.

After alleged assault, she told police that McIver had taken her to the raped dwelling, the complaint said.

Police said she was able to determine the route the woman took while walking with McIver because of the landmarks she mentioned and the residence on Parish Street where the rape took place.

Wilkes-Barre man charged with rape

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