Why Pennsylvanians Need to Act to Maintain Medicaid Coverage

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania (WHTM) — Millions of Pennsylvanians need action to maintain Medicaid coverage, and hundreds of thousands more are at risk of losing Medicaid altogether.

This is the most pressing of the many problems facing Pennsylvania health care and was the subject of a forum moderated by abc27’s Dennis Owens.

“It’s about people surviving poverty and making sure they have the same health insurance that you and I are fortunate enough to have, not the back door of the hospital, but the front door, so to speak. It’s about being able to walk to the hospital from the “emergency room,” said Paul Tufano, CEO of Amerihealth Caritas.

There are 3.6 million people in Pennsylvania who depend on Medicaid. During the pandemic, you couldn’t force your membership to quit, and you didn’t have to renew it every year, but the health emergency is already over and you have to fill out and send the paperwork.

“The important thing is that they have to return the application because, unfortunately, without contact from us, they may experience a void or loss of coverage,” said Pennsylvania. Dr. Valerie Arkush, Acting Secretary of Human Services, said. “My biggest concern is that we are all busy, right? would pay no attention to.”

Some beneficiaries are no longer eligible, how many?

“So we’re guessing that at the end of the day, maybe about 300,000 to 600,000 people won’t qualify. But we won’t really know until this is done.” Dr. Arkush added.

People who have lost food will be seamlessly referred to Penny, a state-run subsidized insurance program, Arkush said.

“If you’re making even a little too much to qualify for Medicaid, you might be able to get a penny free plan, or a plan for $10 or less per month,” Dr. Arkush said.

“For those trying to overcome poverty, health insurance is very important because it is a matter of survival. The inequality facing the United States has become even more acute,” Tufano said.

An important message from the Summit needs to be repeated. Don’t ignore medical insurance emails.

https://www.wkbn.com/news/pennsylvania/why-pennsylvanians-need-to-act-to-keep-medicaid-coverage/ Why Pennsylvanians Need to Act to Maintain Medicaid Coverage

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