Why (on earth?) Erik Spoelstra of Heat doesn’t play Duncan Robinson? – Reading Eagle

I’m going with Jeopardy today too! We had a common theme, so we’ll give you a style, an answer, and then let you follow your question.

I took it. You are angry and 2-0 ease turns into 2-2 discomfort.

And yes, it’s hard to remember when three-point shoots weren’t so consistent.


However, when crossmatching some email addresses in the “Ask Ira” database, many of these names are the same, unable to proceed fast enough from Duncan Robinson, and many suggestions for NBA trading deadlines. Seems to have provided.

So here’s the deal: not only did the heat win when Duncan moved to the bench, but he was also ahead of this series when Duncan was out of rotation.

It’s understandable that change is needed because they are no longer ahead.

However, also note that we are talking about playing Duncan with Tyler Herro. In the first place, we return to the defensive issues that led to this latest change.

That said, the heat requires a shock, so it’s probably the shock of Duncan.

The reason for leaving Duncan was pay for performance.

Now, Duncan has its benefits again.

So we wait.

Here’s a sample of your thoughts on the common theme of email bags (remove the ones with really bad words):

* * *

Q: What did Duncan Robinson do that he couldn’t sniff the floor, even if he was the last man on the planet? Are we really relying on Jimmy Butler being the only consistent 3-point shooter? If your team is having a hard time hitting 3s, including the ones that are wide open, why not insert Duncan? How can Eric Spoelstra be so worried about Duncan’s defense when a man named James Harden is on another team? With Joel Embiid on the floor, opening the 76ers’ defense requires ball movement and 3-point shotmaking. But at this point in the season you can’t be stubborn or unwilling to change things. If others are failing, try Duncan. This has been easy since Game 3, but instead makes the same coaching decision and expects different results. – Victor.

* * *

Q: Can I tell Erik Spoelstra to play Duncan Robinson in Game 5 and let Kyle Lowry sit forever? – Jeffrey.

* * *

Q: Isn’t this loss Spo? How do you play Kyle Lowry, who is underpowered?

Also, this team cannot win without a three-pointer shot where Joel Embiid is blocking the paint. Finally, no one hits 3, and you’re still sitting on the bench with Duncan Robinson.

This is definitely a loss of Spo. I hope the home court will turn things around. – Bob, Davie.

* * *

Q: It was two games in a row that I was not good at shooting three points. Max Strus had a decent defense, but struggled again from the 3-point range. Kyle Lowry, Tyler Herro, Victor Oladipo and Gabe Vincent didn’t hit three seconds. Why was Duncan Robinson not given a chance at least in the second half? If this happens again in Games 5 and / or 6, Spoelstra will need to bring Robinson. – Michael, North Miami Beach.

*** ***

Q: Isn’t it worth giving Duncan Robinson a few minutes on the floor with some of the best defensive players on the floor, at least Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, Victor Oladipo and PJ Tucker on the heat’s disastrous three-pointer? ?? The heat requires an attack from someone other than Jimmy. Perhaps Robinson offers more intervals and can change the game faster than any other heat player. – Tony, Fort Lauderdale.

* * *

Q: What are Ira and Spo waiting to give Duncan for a few minutes? – Phil, Boca Raton.

* * *

Q: What’s wrong with Spoelstra? Is he just stubborn? Want to insert Robinson and see if you can hit 3 seconds several times? It seems that no one else can shoot. ,

– Scott, Miami.

* * *

Q: How much does the heat need to get worse from the 3 point range before Duncan Robinson can play? – Enrique, Doral.

* * *

Q: It’s time for Duncan Robinson to play after two consecutive heat collective shooters in downtown. The drawers are packed with weapons, but in our case they are on the bench and are nothing more than papier-mache tigers. Free Duncan and I don’t mean donuts. – Brian, Fort Lauderdale.


Why (on earth?) Erik Spoelstra of Heat doesn’t play Duncan Robinson? – Reading Eagle

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