Why Crewnecks Are Becoming Trendy Again

Have you noticed that after a long V-neck and Henley t-shirt rule, the crewnecks are retaking center stage?


This classic wardrobe staple never really went away, but now it’s pretty much everywhere from weekend jeans-and-a-tee looks to a trusted base for many smart-casual outfits. 


So let’s see what has prompted the change and why crewnecks are becoming trendy again. 


A short history lesson


We have a long connection to the crewneck tee, and its history spans from the 19th century. Did you know that at first, it was a full-body garment worn under expensive suits? Why full-body? Well, showering wasn’t done that often at the time, and people needed to protect thesir expensive suits from bodily grime somehow!


T-shirts changed the style with the passing time but still remained undergarments and something that the US Navy wore until the mid 20th century when it finally became acceptable to wear them on their own (thanks, James Dean!) 


It’s hard to imagine a life without a t-shirt today, and we’re definitely grateful it became a true staple! 


Crewnecks take a step back


For the most part of the 20th century, crewneck was pretty much the only one t-shirt style available, and it surely was the most popular one.  


But fashion doesn’t sleep, and the desire for a change has bred the new types of tees that have captured the public’s attention. 


You probably, too, have at least one V-neck, Henley, and polo. The different styles give extra styling opportunities, variety and some say they are… sexier! They are also branded as the “less boring” and “more fun” options, bringing up the question of whether crewnecks will go back to being an undergarment.


Why are crewnecks trending again?


Not so fast with the obituaries, because recently crewnecks have proven that it’s not that easy to replace them! 


Yes, they are casual and not the most fashion-forward tee, but therein lies their strength! The crewneck superpower is its functionality and versatility. 


Crewnecks are perfect for any season, under sweaters and blazers in fall and winter and as the main piece in spring and summer.


They’re perfect for layering, and whatever the outfit, chances that a crewneck tee will fit perfectly well are pretty high, especially if you opt for a black tee that’s like a blank canvas, can be dressed down or dressed up.


So yes, whether you’re looking for something casual for a laidback weekend barbecue, daily work (or work-from-home) outfit, or a piece for smart-casual dress code, the crewneck has got you! 


How to wear a crewneck t-shirt 


Have a few crewneck tees in your closet? Review them, toss the old ones (yes, those rags from college days need to go!), and update your collection if needed. 


Make sure you have only high-quality t-shirts from such brands as Fresh Clean Tees that will look great and last you forever. Check their collection of crew neck tees here:


Now, if you’re out of ideas about how to incorporate a crewneck into your daily rotation, here are a few suggestions.


With chinos or wool trousers and a blazer 


Whit the fall just around the corner, you’ll need some warmer outfits, and this is as classic as it gets. Your crewneck will look great with chinos or wool trousers and a nice smart-casual blazer. If you want to dress down, add leather sneakers to the mix. If you want to dress up – nice leather boots will be your best choice. 


With denim trousers and a leather jacket


It’s the ultimate bad-boy outfit that will never get old (never!). We recommend going for classic colors such as dark blue denim, a white or black tee, and a black, brown (or burgundy) jacket. 


With casual denim and zip-hoodie 


Yes, this sounds basic, but the trick is getting your colors and fabrics right. Forget the sloppy grey hoodies and ridiculous graphic tees. Get really good quality jeans, olive, navy, or black t-shirt, and a tailored hoodie. You can thank us later.


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