Why are WWE Releasing so many Staff?

After a year when World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) have had to perform behind closed doors, they are now back on tour. Now they are back on the road but betting on who you might see on a big show isn’t an easy task.

Fans may book up to see shows in areas such as New York, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Memphis, but the odds on them seeing their favorite wrestlers aren’t always high.  It’s always ‘card subject to change’ of course and that’s understandable.

Professional wrestling may be predetermined but sportsbooks in states such as Illinois do offer bets on WWE. If placing some wagers, it’s a good idea to get some advice on which are the best to join according to Iowa gambling guide.

There will be wrestlers released because of injuries. Betting on those released this year would be a difficult task though. This year has seen the company releasing a whole stack of wrestlers, referees and backstage talent from their contracts. One reason given is budget cuts but WWE is not a company that is struggling financially.

Their third quarter results showed an increase in revenue, and you wouldn’t bet on a financial crisis anytime soon. They have television deals around the world and a lucrative contract to stage shows in Saudi Arabia. Being able to go back on the road has also helped but tell that to someone who has just lost their job and are on a 90-day no-compete clause. Just what is going on?

WWE have for a long while been hoarding talent. Their roster has grown and grown, with the additions of 205 Live and NXT:UK. When they hold a PPV, the list of talent that isn’t on the main card is a stunning one. Wrestlers who are good enough to be on shows all over the country but stuck backstage doing nothing. If they’re lucky they might get used in an unfunny sketch of wasted in the 24/7 title farce, often just seen running after the champion.

With this being the case, it’s not surprising that WWE have been shutting the door on so much talent this year. It’s not just been the ones that are rarely used on shows such as Raw or Smackdown. The list of those leaving has included former champions such as Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman and Daniel Bryan. The Big Show has left the company and the latest list includes Nia Jax, Karion Kross, Eva Marie and Keith Lee.

More releases are rumoured to be on the cards. When WWE come to your local area, the stars you want to see might just have been released by the company. All of which makes betting on major wrestling events such as the Royal Rumble rather difficult. You can take odds on a wrestler winning the 30-men/women events but how can you be sure they will still be in the company come the end of January.

Another reason for WWE releasing so many staff is the failure to make stars. They sign wrestlers and put them into NXT, a developmental show that has proved highly successful. Many top current stars including WWE champion Big E. and Universal champion Roman Reigns, started their WWE careers in NXT.

It’s not easy establishing yourself in NXT and then moving to the main roster. Too many wrestlers have had great success in NXT but tread water when on Raw and Smackdown. That’s been the case with Keith Lee and Karrion Kross. You’d have bet on both being main roster successes.

The latter was the NXT champion and in a hot feud with Samoa Joe recently. His move to Raw has been a disaster with him being repackaged, given stupid clothing and worse of all, not having Scarlett Bordeaux appearing with him. Now both have been given their marching orders. Keith Lee also had potential but It’s like the company are running out of ideas and just giving up on people when their plans fail.

WWE had a draft recently that has tried to pump a bit of life into the rosters and freshened them up. It seems insane though that they do that and then release some of those moved within two weeks of changing their brand.

Big shows are on the way with the Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and then WrestleMania next April. Fans can’t wait to see these shows but who will be on them?  It’s so frustrating seeing wrestlers that you like but for some reason the WWE don’t suddenly leave the company.

WWE do need to build a younger, fresher roster. The changes in NXT have illustrated that but it takes time to do something like that. It’s a worrying time to be a WWE staff member. ‘Will I be the next to leave’ must be on the minds of several wrestlers.

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