Why all of us can’t do well

American progressives generally consider themselves intelligent, objective, open-minded, reality-based, tolerant, moral, inclusive, and benevolent.

In fact, they are often neither of them.

Progressivists, or liberals, are often the worst criminals of their own axioms when attacking those who disagree with left-wing political / social policies or moral “principles.” Prejudiced liberals towards those they simply oppose can be astounding.

Of course, liberals claim to support free speech unless someone’s speech provokes their tender sensitivities by challenging liberal legitimacy.

Jerry Schenck

Similarly, many liberals blame companies, and capitalism itself, even if the capitalist system produces the products and living standards they enjoy. They blame the “richest 1%”, but the wealthiest zip codes are found in the states and cities of the liberal government. Ironically, so are the worst and most dangerous areas and homeless camps.

But the Left reserves its most ugly prejudice for Christians.

When liberals discuss Christian practices, slander is unacceptable and religious practices are not off limits.

Former President Barack Obama despises the conservatives of Flyover as a “bitter obsession” with guns and religion.

The Huffington Post progressives wondered, “Do all evangelical leaders believe that gay men should be sentenced to death?” (Spoiler note: they don’t.)

In October, liberal salon writers called pro-life Christians “radicals,” and “Christian theology is driving a right-wing attack on democracy.”

All Christians — regardless of age or gender — are fair games for left-wing liberal hostility. Christians are … well … Christians, and the Liberal Party acts in a Christian way that is not afraid of retaliation, so the left beats Christians without punishment.

However, left-wing slander goes beyond unjustified slander to the heart of Christian theology. One of the worst examples is this cynical challenge: “What does Jesus do?”

Unreligious liberals may imagine that they know what Jesus does about COVID masking / vaccination, immigration policy, public welfare, and other politically sensitive issues, but they are practical. Christians are convinced that Jesus bans immigration, but refuses to know what he does. When it comes to secular public policy issues, it’s best to leave it to the political process.

Just think about it. First, for the sake of debate, let’s stipulate that American Muslims are fully integrated, law-abiding citizens. Now, if the Left insists on bringing religion into political debate, perhaps for the benefit of the “diversity” that the Liberal Party preaches, why not ask “What will Muhammad do?”

However, the Left does not dare to talk about Muhammad, and Muslims do not dare to challenge like Christians. Doing so constitutes a “hate crime” that violates the false religious liberal doctrine of “multiculturalism.” But more importantly, doing so can lead to retaliation from certain Muslims.

Apparently, there is no such thing as a continuous and credible threat of violence that immunizes the entire group from the liberal animus, focuses on the liberal mind, and encourages them to devote themselves to their affairs, with a barbaric history. ..

Muslim societies, even when migrating to western countries, despite unpleasant practices such as traditional and institutional misogyny acceptance, honor killings, pederasty, mediated / arranged child marriage, and genital mutilation. , Virtually unaffected by free criticism.

They did not, but they faced much more hostility if, like the Taliban and other Islamic extremists, Christians decapitated a small number of “infidels” in response to the treatment they received from liberals. I suspect I won’t.

Liberals are offended and angry if someone describes a woman who uses the same kind of ugly stereotypes that generally applies to blacks, Hispanics, or Christians. However, conservative Christians get angry when minorities are not treated properly.

The point of the same reaction from the opposition of their idealism is the “moral authority” to detect, blame and punish the finest, even the imaginary examples of racism and ethnic or sexual genre. Escape from the American left wing, but only for blacks, gays, hispanics, women, and others who embrace the legitimacy of the left wing.

Liberals consider conservative blacks, homosexuals, Hispanics, and females to be “not real.” In fact, conservative homosexuals, minorities, and the political “apostasy” of women are targeting them as insulting as Christians.

Sadly, left-wing liberals do not consider their shabby treatment of conservatives and Christians to be as ugly, ignorant, and even offensive as the actions of those who resisted the integration of blacks into American society. Hmm.

They are often both, but the liberals do not consider themselves hypocrites or prejudices.

They are too busy to mutter “justice” progressive etiquette and say “shut up” to the people they target. — And pick up the tab of concepts approved by the left liberal of “generosity”.

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Why all of us can’t do well

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