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Baltimore Sun sports staff see how they see the results of the 13th week of Sunday afternoon match between Ravens (8-3) and Pittsburgh Steelers (5-5-1) in Heinz Field. indicate.

Jonas Shaffer, reporter

Ravens 27, Steelers 20: Heinz Field has not been a fortress in the last few years. The Cincinnati Bengals and the Las Vegas Raiders easily won in Pittsburgh, and the Detroit Lions tied. Both Lamar Jackson and Ben Roethlisberger need a bounceback game, but the Ravens line is much more reliable at this point and they are definitely more talented receivers. If TJ Watt can’t play on Sunday, this slump’s Steelers defense spine will be even weaker.

Mike Preston, columnist

Ravens 24, Steelers 17: This used to be a fierce rivalry, but now let’s call it a rivalry. Both teams used to rely on defense, but now they don’t. Anyway, Ravens has a quarterback Lamar Jackson. Lamar Jackson plays more than his counterpart, veteran Ben Roethlisberger. Steelers can’t throw deeply and can’t rush passers-by. If Ravens can beat football, the game could be a blow to Baltimore.

Childswalker, reporter

Ravens 30, Steelers 20: The Ravens haven’t ignited the NFL world in recent weeks, but they rarely play against the Steelers. They aim to smash a long drive against the surprisingly corrupt Pittsburgh defense and limit Ben Roethlisberger under strike. Lamar Jackson isn’t as bad as it was in the 12th week. Ravens could roll if he successfully played against Front Seven, who may not have TJ Watt.

Ryan McFadden, Reporter

Ravens 24, Steelers 14: I can’t imagine Lamar Jackson getting as bad as he opposed Browns. If Starpass Rusher TJ Watt cannot be played, Jackson and running games have a chance to take advantage of Steelers’ defenses. Time has officially caught up with Ben Roethlisberger, so Ravens’ defense doesn’t have to worry about too many big plays on the field.

CJ Doon, Editor

Steelers 21, Ravens 20: Call this the intestinal sensation. Ravens was lucky to be 8-3. Explain how else you can win a 66-yard field goal on the NFL record over time, or beat your AFC North rivals despite throwing four intercepts. Do you? Division matches are often great equalizers, and the Steelers are a proud team that has suffered a humiliating defeat to the Bengals. Ravens have all the advantages, but you know old sayings about rival games and record books. Lamar Jackson has a passer rating of 59.2, 2 to 2 against Pittsburgh, the worst of any opponent. Director Mike Tomlin managed to find a way to defeat John Harbaugh at the 30th meeting.

Tim Schwartz, Editor

Ravens 24, Steelers 14: Ravens is now a bit aggressively confused, but heading for a lucrative match against the Steelers’ defense, giving Bengals 34 points, Joe Mixon finishing 165 yards and Tee Higgins 114 yards. .. This isn’t last year’s Steelers, is there anything that would keep Ravens up late without the COVID-19 / reserve list outside linebacker TJ Watt? Ben Roethlisberger could turn the clock back and play a big game, but while Lamar Jackson and Co. understand things, Baltimore’s defense continues that trend and dominates performance. I think there is a high possibility that it will be demonstrated.

Who will win Sunday’s 13th week match in Pittsburgh? – Reading Eagle

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