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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Midnight Mass Season 1, Episodes 1-3.]

Those who have not started watching yet Mike FlanaganNetflix series Midnight MassYou may want to turn back, as you’ve delved into the spoiler territory in this episode 3 breakdown.

In the article “Book III: Proverbs”, the truth about Father Paul Hill (Hamish Linklater) Identity is finally revealed or rather confirmed. As miracles began to dominate the island, it turned out that Father Paul Hill was actually Monsignor Pluit, who oversaw their church for decades, so there are few clues to the reality of their Savior. is not.

Rejuvenated and youthful, he is no longer recognized by the young parishioners of St. Patrick’s Church. Before reaching the crucial and revealing episode 3, the breadcrumb trail hints at the true origin of Father Paul. Monsignor Pluit, who was due to return from the pilgrimage, was significantly absent from the ferry log to the island, but instead a “newcomer”, Father Paul, appeared.


His knowledge of the island’s citizens, despite claiming he was sent there by a priest, is a bit deeper than was simply conveyed by an old man who claimed that Father Paul was recovering in the hospital. It seems too much. When I returned to the island many years away, Riley Flynn (Zach Gilford) Suggests that he saw Pluit on the beach in a storm, but subsequent exposure is a much darker entity that wears the old man’s familiar coat and top hat combo. It suggests that.

In the second installment, Father Paul will appear at Dr. Sarah Gunning (Annabeth Gish) Door to deliver the mass of her elderly mother. Meanwhile, the old woman “wrongly” calls him John, the name of Monsignor Pluit. Sarah corrects her mother, but given that she is one of the oldest inhabitants of the island, her priest’s memory is better than others, even if her mental state is diminished. Probably.

Midnight Mass Season 1 Netflix Hamish Linklater


During the mass exchange, the priest pays special attention to the women and hints at the possible history between them. Later that night, Sarah’s mother began to feel better, claiming she had seen her daughter’s father through the window. She talks about clothes and face, but it sounds scary.

Did the person wearing the Monsignor Pluit hat and jacket turn Riley upside down? If so, it adds a layer of insight that Father Paul is not only a younger version of Pluit, but also perhaps Sarah’s father. As time on Father John’s island continued, he spoke in a sermon about the resurrection, and it is clear that Father Paul’s appearance has greater power after the paralyzed Lisa (Anara Simone) begins to walk.

Midnight Mass Monsignor Pruitt Hamish Linklater

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Episode 3 answers some important questions, such as what happened to Father Paul’s big breasts on Crockett Island and why he lied to the islanders about his identity. Introducing an old man suffering from dementia who visited the Western Wall of Jerusalem on a pilgrimage to Monsignor Pluit.

Looking back on what happened from St. Patrick’s confession, Father Paul seeks forgiveness for lying to his people about the nature of his identity and explains why he essentially resurrected himself. While in Jerusalem, he wandered and got lost in the desert.

Midnight Misa Hamish Linklater Father Paul

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I remember Father Paul finding the mouth of a dark cave that had been evacuated, likened to Saul in the Bible. There he attacked him and encountered a creature that drank his blood — so a vampire for all intent and purpose.

As he was drained, Monsignor Pluit’s worries became similar, and it was given his own blood after this creature, which he regarded as an angel, was carried out with him. When Pluit awoke, he was young again, nodding to the name of Saul’s own saint and taking over the identity of Father Paul. Realizing that his own miracle came from this mysterious being, Father Paul took it to the island with him, and he was able to deliver some miracles himself.

Midnight Mass Angel

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Before this recognition is made at the end of the episode, Father Paul begins to get sick if Lisa’s ability to walk is restored. Following him as he entered the priest’s dormitory, Bev Keane (Samantha Sloyan) stared at the photo of the wall and noticed her face flashing. It will be shown later that the image of the young Monsignor Pluit matches the image of Father Paul.

After recovering, Father Paul is staring at the islanders seeking miracles for themselves, given Lisa’s experience and the old Monsignor paintings in the background as a hint. So what is your father Paul’s goal? When Warren Flynn (Igby Rigny) catches a man pouring a flask of red liquid into communion wine, he appears to be spreading the wealth of rejuvenation.

Was it the blood of an angel who remade him? Sarah’s mother’s aging and Ed Flynn’s (Henry Thomas) It has been fixed, but it is possible. Only tuning can solve the mystery at hand. In the comments below, please tell us what you think of Father Paul’s identity.And don’t miss the rest of the series Midnight Mass Stream on Netflix.

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Who is Father Paul in “Midnight Mass”?Episode 3 Description | Entertainment News

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