Who Are the Women Who Brought USA Medals in the Tokyo Olympics 2021?


After the Tokyo Olympics made its final close on Sunday, the number of medals were counted and lo and behold, USA had emerged as the very best at the greatest international sporting competition ever. 2021 has been a significantly different Olympics with the Covid-19 pandemic having hit the world of sports with a vengeance, making training sessions, morale and other necessary activities a pain to deal with. But, beating all these odds, USA has emerged victorious with the highest number of medals won by any country in the Tokyo Olympics 2021, going right up to the top of the ladder in sports.

Interestingly, however, in a display of empowerment, it has been the women sports persons of the US who have been able to not only stand their grounds in such trying conditions, but also bring home loads of medals, mainly gold, for their homeland. About 60% of the medals brought home to the US from the 2021 Tokyo Olympics have been won by the female sports champs of the US. To have more knowledge about your favourite sports person when they next go up for a match, check out

Here are some of the exceptional female sports stars who brought USA Olympic medals this year:

  • The US Women’s Basketball Team won its 5th successive gold medals by beating Japan in the finals to a 90-75 margin. This would not have been possible without Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi who garnered for themselves the distinct position of being the first basketball players-male or female- to win five gold medals at the Olympics;
  • The US Women’s Volleyball Team created history of their own by winning their final match against Brazil, getting home the very first Olympic gold medal for US in Volleyball ever since the sport was introduced in the Olympics in 1964;
  • Jennifer Valente gave the US the gift of being the country with not only the highest number of medals, but also with the greatest number of gold medals in all, by winning a gold at the omnium cycling competition in the Tokyo Olympics 2021;
  • Allyson Felix outperformed Carl Lewis as the most decorated US Olympic track and field athlete by winning 11 medals so far;
  • Aching Mu, aged 19, from the US won the gold at the 800 meters race, proving that age is just a number.


From Simone Biles who preached that mental health is as important as competing in a championship to all the young and old female sportspersons who took part in the Olympics from which they were banned till 1900, the women have shown that they don’t only bring back gold medals, but that they are gold themselves.

With a great tally lined up of 39 gold medals, 41 silver medals, 33 bronze medals, and a total of 113 medals, no other country has come close enough to achieve what the USA has this year at the Tokyo Olympics 2021. The country is proud of its sportspersons, but most importantly, it is proud of all the female sports stars who have been playing and slaying on the field and off it.

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