Whitehall Boys Basketball Team Gathers Around Fallen Teammates Fighting Leukemia – Wake-up Call

Ed Saidick said his nephew Joey Gloler would never be the top scorer for the basketball team he plays.

But Gloler’s nephew and Northern Pton’s assistant coach, Saidick, said Gloler was the type of kid who ran through the walls for you.

“He’s the type of kid we love in Northern Pton, and the type of kid we’re sure Jeff Jones loves in Whitehall,” Saedick said. “He’s not a stat filler, but when you need it most, he gets that key rebound, that tip, that loose ball. He’s the type of kid who hurts his ass for his coach. . “

Groller is the type of player everyone wants to join the team, but the entire Lee High Valley basketball community has joined his team.

Just a few weeks after the beginning of his second grade at Whitehall, Gloler was recently diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and will be hospitalized for as long as six months while being treated.

His mother, Megan, had to take a break from work, and Saidick launched the GoFundMe page, which has already raised nearly $ 35,000.

“People were great,” Saidick said. “They were very generous and kind.”

Many fundraising activities are planned. One of the most special is this Sunday at Riley’s Restaurant and Pub in Egypt, where he sends 50% of Sunday’s earnings to the Groller family. The Ronmadous Memorial Horseshoes Tournament, run by Whitehall’s coach, has the potential to be revived to raise funds for Glolar. The Lee High Valley Yankee Fan Club collects donations and the children of the Whitehall team make and sell bracelets. The East Side Youth Center also does something.

“I was overwhelmed by the support, and when she started talking about it, my sister started crying,” Saidick said. “It’s amazing what people can do when they surround the cause. I know that Geoff Johns has a great white hole community and great coaches. They’ve been a lot over the years. We’ve done great things, but last week they went even higher. “

The second of two major summer academic basketball tournaments, A-town Throwdown, began Thursday night. Due to the late afternoon storm, the opening night match had to move inward from Cedar Beach. Whitehall was set up to play Sankofa in one of the first boys’ varsity games at Muhlenberg College.

Groller was a team member when Whitehall won the JV tournament at the Cedar Beach Showcase, an academic tournament last summer. This is an important moment for a program that aims to return to one of the local elites after some difficult times. ..

Jones, whose team defeated Sankofa 42-31 behind Luke Keppel’s 14 points on Thursday night, talked about the unity of Gloler and the basketball community who played for the freshman team last year.

“As soon as I got here tonight, Nazareth coaches Joe Arnto and Dave Wickman stopped me and they didn’t want to talk about basketball,” Jones said. “The only thing they care about is Joey’s way. That’s our community. I also hit a random guy who is a retired Whitehall teacher today, and he also asks Joey. People care and build relationships in this game. When I lost Ron Madous eight years ago, it turned out to be much more important than winning or losing. “

Jones said his wife Patty was a hospital volunteer, went to see Gloler, and delivered some goodies and things to keep him away from his trials.

She also told him how everyone gathered around him, thinking about him and pulling for him.

“I went to everything and he’s always there, so I’ve known him in the last few years,” Jones said. “He may not be the most skilled player, but he’s the kind of kid you want. He always appears and works hard. He played football last year, so the football coach is the same about him. I think he was on vacation in Ocean City, Maryland when he first felt sick. When he got home, he fainted several times, and , They knew what it was. Hard. Very tough. But he is a tough kid. He will fight this and win. “

Corey Frantz not only taught Groller, but also taught him in the classroom as a sixth grade language teacher.

“He’s a great kid, a great teammate, and the type of selfless kid that everyone likes to be around,” Franz said. “He is widely loved and respected by coaches and players. Everyone is in his corner.”

Executive education went 2-0 in the pool and became one of the first teams to be in a good position to reach Sweet 16 on Sunday. The four District 11 Champions may have lost a lot of star power after graduating from Kobe Maggie, Jaril Schenck and Jeremiah Bembry, but still have a lot of firepower. Second grade up-and-coming Gabe Hornberger spent a big summer as well as Rylan Muniz, Moustafa Sanoh and a few others.

The Raptors advanced to 10-4 in the Lee High Valley Summer League’s Big School division and continued to play well in Mullenberg on Thursday night.

“I’ve lost about 80% of my score since last year, but I’m really happy that the young men have stepped up and made progress,” said Ray Barbosa. : “They are delighted to coach for the past three months. They have listened and worked hard to get better. Here we have a really good tournament and a strong end to the summer. I hope you can. “

Barbosa said he was happy to meet teams outside the area and was able to play North Hunterdon in New Jersey and Sea Dark Rest in Lebanon in District 3.

“We have a variety of competitions during the regular season and we can do it again here,” Barbosa said. “The important thing is to keep progressing.”

Executives will play Pocono Mountain West, District 11 6A finalist last March, in the final pool game on Saturday at 8:30 pm. The Panthers are also moving forward after losing top-level talent at VCU Commit Christian Fermin, but the Panthers are still talented.

“It will be a big match for us on Saturday night,” Barbosa said. “We just want to keep playing well.”

Thursday results


Pocono Mountain West 60, Cedar Crest 57 … Coles 19, 3 pointers who won the game with a buzzer.

Executive Education 72, North Hunter Don 47 … Lyran Muniz 22.

Roberto Clemente 50, Bethlehem Christian 39 … Darrell Monroe 25.

Mullenberg Twp82, Octora 49 … Dan Mosquera 17.

Morris Hills, New Jersey 55, Lee Highton 36 … Andrew Pionbino 17.

Salisbury 35, Lee High Christian 29 … Thomas Labridge 12.

Executive Education 65, CEDAR CREST 50 … Gabe Hornberger, Jelarich Gonzalez 18.

Whitehall 42, Sankofa 31 … Luke Keppel 14.

Timber Creek 37, Abington 26.

Lower Merion 32, Boyertown 27.

Malvern Prep 45, Nazareth 35.

Philipsburg 48, yes. Lehi 38.

Timber Creek 65, PM East 51.

Dielf 49, Octrala 47.

PM West 43, North Hunterdon 31.

Abington 47, Liberty 43.

Freedom 62, Chambersburg 56.

Abraham Lincoln 54, ES South 28.

Newark Arts 29, Mullenberg Twp. twenty three.

Roberto Clemente 58, Kata Soqua 38.

Philipsburg 48, ES North 36.

JV Boys

Boyertown 56, Southern Lee High 30.

Mullenberg Township 51, Allentown CCHS20.

Liberty 38, Nazareth 32.

Allen 42, yes. Lehi 24.

Riser Boys

Lincoln Leadership 38, Nazareth 32.

Salisbury 32, Freedom 27.

Salisbury 37, Boyertown 33.

Emmaus 42, Lincoln Leadership 18.

Friday schedule

Court 1: Palmerton vs. Hazleton (4); Hempfield vs. Hatboro Hosham (5); Reading vs. Hazleton (6); Warren Hills New Jersey vs. Palmerton (7); Brooklyn’s Emmaus vs. Nazareth (8); Allen vs. Lancaster Mennonite (9).

Court 2: Stroudsburg vs. Dunmore Girls (3); Reading vs. Wayne Hills, New Jersey (4); Dovins Tech vs. Central Dauphin East (5); PM West vs. Audenried girls (6); Hatboro Hosham vs. Note Rudam Green Pond (7); Lee Highton vs. Lincoln Leadership (8); Northampton vs. Montgomery, New Jersey (9).

Court 3: Council Rock North vs. Diaraf Girl (3); Holy Redeemer vs. Bensalem (4); Morris Hills vs. Lincoln Leadership (5); Salisbury vs. West Scranton (6); Allentown Central Catholic vs. Hempfield ( 7); Bishop McDavid vs. Parkland (8); Hempfield vs. Notre Dame-Green Pond (9).

Court 4: Dialaf vs Mullenberg (4); Bethlehem Christian vs. Catholic (5); Strathhaven vs. Lancaster Mennonite (6); Holy Redeemer vs. Bethlehem Catholic Girl (7); Stroudsburg vs. St. John Biannie, NJ (8); Lee Hai Christian vs. West Scranton (9).

Court 5: (All JV Games) Notre Dame-Green Pond vs, Octlara (4); Allen vs West Scranton (5); Whitehall vs Timber Creek (6); Allen vs Boyertown (7); Northern Zampton vs Nazareth (8).

Court 6: (All JV Games) Emmaus vs. St. John Biannie, NJ (4); Diaraf vs. Malvern Prep (5); Notre Dame-Green Pond vs. Hatboro-Hosham (6); Southern Lee High vs. West Scranton Ton (7); Parkland vs. Montgomery, New Jersey (8).

Court 7: Team BLM vs. Nazareth Boy Riser (4); Allen vs. Holy Redeemer Girls JV (5); Freedom vs. Dialaf Girls JV (6); Team BLN vs. Whitehall Girls Riser (7); Bethlehem Catholic vs. .Allen Girls JV (8).

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Whitehall Boys Basketball Team Gathers Around Fallen Teammates Fighting Leukemia – Wake-up Call

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