White House, Congressman Brainstorms Basic AI Rules

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— — trust me: Congressmen and White House officials are looking for ways to ensure that artificial intelligence tools are used responsibly and ethically.

— Digitax deadline: Negotiators are working to roll back digital service taxes in some countries before US retaliatory tariffs come into force.

— Long game: Both Apple and Google have made a long weekend move in their respective antitrust proceedings with Epic Games.

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Spotlight on Responsible Use of AI — Amid concerns about AI-powered tools, such as police use of facial recognition software, legislators and the Biden administration are paying attention to ensuring the ethical use of artificial intelligence systems.

– top of the hill: The House Financial Services Commission’s Task Force on Artificial Intelligence will meet on Wednesday to investigate the benefits, harms and ethical risks of AI technology. These tools have been criticized for having unintended consequences. For example, race- and gender-based bias is unintentionally coded into algorithms, making discrimination persistent. This is a serious concern in the financial services sector, where mortgage approval algorithms exist. I know I’m likely to refuse More colored than whites with similar economic characteristics.

International leaders, policy makers, advocates and think tanks are considering drafting a responsible AI framework, a topic that the EU-US Trade Technology Council will also address.

— At the White House: The Office of Science and Technology Policy announced on Friday that it would create a “Bill of Rights” to protect against the harmful consequences of artificial intelligence. For example, facial recognition tools can lead to disproportionately high minority arrests, or hire tools that penalize minority applicants.

“Americans have the right to expect better things,” said Eric Lander, director of OSTP, and Alondra Nelson, deputy director of science and society. Written in Wired editorial.. “We need strong technology to respect our democratic values ​​and adhere to our core belief that everyone should be treated fairly. By systematizing these ideas , You can be sure of it. “

As part of that effort, OSTP said it Make a request to disclose information It is related to biometric technologies such as face recognition, voice analysis and heart rate tracking tools.

According to the Treasury, a solution to digital tax disputes along the way — The Biden administration’s support for brokers is a global minimum tax agreement aimed at preventing countries from imposing a digital services tax, which was strongly opposed by groups in the technology industry. But what about countries that already have so-called DST? A senior Treasury official told reporters Monday that plans to roll them back need to be resolved in the coming weeks.

The negotiator is in time for the deadline. The US Trade Representative will impose retaliatory tariffs on Austria, India, Italy, Spain, Turkey and the United Kingdom from late November. These obligations were first announced in June, but were suspended for 180 days in an international transaction to overhaul corporate taxes. The individual retaliation obligations against France were suspended indefinitely in January, before President Joe Biden took office. The Treasury and USTR are working to resolve the dispute before these tariffs come into effect, officials said Monday.

— OECD Summary: On Friday, 136 countries signed plans to overhaul how businesses around the world would be taxed by 2023. Report by Bjarke Smith-Meyer and Mark Scott from POLITICO.. The deal was negotiated through the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development and gained the support of major US trading partners such as China, India and the European Union.

–What’s next: The agreement will be approved by the G20 Finance Minister this week and will be approved by the G20 leaders at the end of the month. Biden will travel to Rome for the latter rally.

Spectacular long weekend — The Epic Games antitrust proceedings do not seem to be over yet. The recent submissions by Apple and Google in their respective cases provide a window to the next match between tech giants and “Fortnite” game developers.

— Apple’s appeal: iPhone maker filed a notice of appeal in Epic’s antitrust proceedings on Friday Asked the court to continue the injunction This allows third-party developers to include links to external payment methods until the appeal process is complete. (Both Epic and Apple are attractive September verdictTherefore, it can take years to finalize the case. )

One of the reasons is that “links and buttons to alternative payment mechanisms carry risks,” Apple said, which could lead users to malicious sites and endanger personal data. He said there was even. The company said it would “incur irreparable damage” if the court did not issue a stay. Apple’s in-app payment process protects against fraudulent transactions and duplicate purchases, he added. “These features enhance the overall user experience, the security of user purchases, and the integrity of the entire platform,” he said.

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney responds to Friday news With a photo of the infamous Fortnite Bananaman.. (Don’t worry, this is safe for work.)

— Google response: On Monday, the search giant submitted Answers and counterclaims to Epic In an antitrust proceeding against Fortnite maker’s Google Play store, Epic said, “We have signed a legal agreement with Google, which we never intended to comply with. The truth is that it tricks Google into causing legal and public relations conflicts. I hid my intentions. This day. “

Epic proceedings against Google Target the company to engage in secondary transactions and contracts Epic states that it allows them to engage in anti-competitive acts. Google said the Epic proceedings were “unfounded and misunderstood our business conversations,” and the company’s contract with the smartphone maker is because the maker can use Google’s Android operating system for free. Said it was an option.

Watch out for the kids — The FTC must be accountable for tech companies’ commitment to users, especially recently announced policy changes aimed at protecting young people online, lawmakers told FTC Chair Lina Khan. In a friday letter.. The announcements were made last month when the UK’s Age Appropriate Design Code, a set of digital standards for protecting the digital privacy of minors, came into force.

“These policy changes do not replace Congress’s actions on child privacy, but they are an important step in making the Internet more secure for young users …. Therefore, all the tools at your disposal. We encourage you to use it to carefully scrutinize your company’s data practices to ensure that your company is in compliance with its commitments. ”Sen. Ed Marquee (D-Mass.), Person in charge Kathy Castor (D-Fla.) And the person in charge Lori Trahan Written by (D-Mass.).

— Facebook cleanup will continue: Nick Clegg, Vice President of Global Affairs, Facebook, Sunday Overview of new features The company plans to expand on how young users will use Instagram. Among them are options for parents to oversee the views of teens, how to “nudge” teens from potentially harmful content, and the ability to encourage users to “break” while using the app. And so on.

Rear Anandwara We are bullish on the crypto exchange to work on communications. She was recently the director of industry communications at the Consumer Electronics Association. … Chloe Autio Join the Cantellus Group to work on AI policies for public and private sector clients. She was recently the Policy Director for Intel. … Anusha Alikan He is currently Vice President of Communications at the Wikimedia Foundation. Margay Novotny Currently, I am the Vice President of Product Design.

Colleen Bell He is currently the Managing Director of Finsbury Glover Herring. She was recently a senior adviser and legislative director of Senator Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut. … Parisbert Joined Reddit As its first Chief Product Officer. Bhat previously worked for Google and most recently was Vice President of Products and Design for Google Cloud. … David Ward He will leave the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, where he is head of public relations, to join Amazon Web Services and help promote sustainability work.

NS FCC Announce additional members NS North American Numbering Council And its working group. The members of the new council are: Sarah Regin, Director of Regulatory Issues at CTIA. Joshua Berg, Vice President of Advocacy and Policy at US Telecom.When Sara Haruko, As an alternative, Director of Regulatory and Industry Issues at Telnyx LLC.

Spots: Microsoft President Brad smith Rub your shoulders with Sen. Bensus (R-Neb.) And the person in charge Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.) At a weekend Green Bay Packers match. Smith donated $ 2,900 to Gallagher earlier this year. Photo

Agency Makeover: “FTC will consider an early retirement offer for veteran staff as Kahn reorganizes the agency.” Information report..

Lessons learned: “Education of Frances Haugen: How Facebook Whistleblowers Learned to Use Data as a Weapon from Years of Technology” Via WaPo..

Have many children been left behind? Edgenuity, a virtual classroom company, has made millions of dollars from its software. However, many of the students who used it felt abandoned, BuzzFeed Report..

Open internet: How do policy makers need to address issues such as competition, content moderation, and algorithms? Twitter offers some regulatory principles..

Hot take: “Facebook faces an existential crisis in the media.” Via pack..

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White House, Congressman Brainstorms Basic AI Rules

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