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When thousands of people come across wooden lights, the holiday season arrives in West Chester – Daily Local

West Chester — Over 3,000 Christmas delights enjoy Carol, visit from Miss Pennsylvania, and even perform from Santa Claus during a traditional wooden lighting ceremony in a historic courthouse on Friday night. I also enjoyed it.

Santa led a vigorous countdown from 10 while the crowd was counting, and then, in keeping with a tradition of over 50 years, the trees burned.

In a wink, and to please the holiday audience, Santa did an exclusive interview with him revealing that he is doing his job in “lots of practice runs and lots of carrots.”

An unparalleled Golden Rams West Chester University marching band on Friday’s tree lighting. (BILL RETTEW-MEDIA NEWS GROUP)

The interview was interrupted when the little child who overcame Santa’s appearance was released from the crowd and ran to visit. People on vacation were happy as Santa shook hands with his child. The child was then brought back to the audience by his father, who chased him about as wide as the historic Thomas U. Walter building.

Westchester’s two-year-old Layla Miller took her parents Brian and Abbey when the temperature reached around 44 degrees Celsius. She wants to find scooters and helmets, mushrooms, cookies, books and toys under the Christmas tree.

East Goshen Township’s Morgan Lind and Sean Jaquez spent the night after finding a great parking space and had a nice dinner at Opa.

Lind said the thousands of lights in downtown are beautiful. She also said the event was a great alternative to the annual Christmas parade, which was canceled in the second year due to COVID concerns.

Symbolic images of past holidays were illuminated on buildings in the autonomous region, including the nearby F & M building.

The Westchester Chamber of Commerce and the Chester County Hospital have united more than 50 local businesses to enable sparkling lighting and festivals.

Westchester Area School District recognizes Elementary School Choirs for Westchester Holiday Tree Lighting (BILL RETTEW-MEDIANEWS GROUP)

The weekend holiday lights and the ongoing five weeks of the event are called “Chester County Hospital Illuminates West Chester Holiday Weekends.”

Meghan Sinisi of Pennsylvania visited West Chester for the first time. A resident of Altoona, a speech therapist, and a graduate of Syracuse University, he twisted the baton. She will be competing in the 100th Miss America Tournament later this month.

She said it was thrilling to visit on such a spectacular occasion.

“It looks like the whole community is coming together,” she said.

Jim Sargent, a lawyer at Lamb McErlane, was delighted to see so many bright faces.

“Westchester has reopened,” he exclaimed.

Katie Walker, Chairman of the Greater Westchester Chamber of Commerce, said Westchester is a great place to go on vacation.

“I’m excited to be able to bring this event back to Westchester,” she said. “We are honored to emphasize our community and our business.”

Miss Pennsylvania was part of the West Chester Tree Lighting Festival. (Submitted photo)

Sponsor Michael J. Duncan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Chester County Hospital, has released a message.

“We are excited to attract visitors from across the region to enjoy the business, culture and people of downtown Westchester. We look forward to sharing the festival with friends, family and neighbors this holiday season. I am doing it. “

Chester County Chairman Marian Moskowitz was thrilled to see the trees brightening.

“It’s very exciting to see the electricity coming out here and everyone happy and smiling,” she said.

Mayor Jordan Norley saw the lights of the trees with his children and his wife.

“Westchester is alive and well illustrated by the spirit here tonight,” Norry said.

Lillian DeBaptiste will take over the mayor’s “reins” from Noley on January 3rd. She wishes everyone a happy holiday.

“I’m excited to have a great seat in the house, both physically and figuratively, as the mayor elects,” said De Baptiste.

State Assembly member Diane Herin thanked everyone who made the event a reality, and “the sense of community we all need.”

Ed Bryner, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Chester County Hospital, celebrated, noting that Chester County Hospital opened in 1892.

“We have a lot of history here in Westchester, so we like it,” he said.

Bryner thanked all those working on the pandemic.

“Thank you for being at the forefront of this season of hope and renewal,” he said.

Members of West Chester University’s unrivaled Golden Rams Marching Band were dazzling with Christmas lights hanging from their instruments.

The Under A Rest Acapella Group at West Chester University was blocked by eight caves from the belfry of the courthouse to commemorate the time of “Silent Night.”

“Joy to the World” was enthusiastically performed by the WCU Gospel Choir, and the Westchester Area School District Honorary Elementary School Choir announced “Jingle Bell”.

High Street, between Gay Street and Market Street, was closed to vehicles during the ceremony. After that, many people stayed longer, and after the 45-minute event, the street remained closed for some time.

When thousands of people come across wooden lights, the holiday season arrives in West Chester – Daily Local

Source link When thousands of people come across wooden lights, the holiday season arrives in West Chester – Daily Local

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