When the revised protocol goes into effect, 47 NFL players will be added to the Reserve / COVID-19 list (most in a day). Do other leagues follow the reduced test decision?

The NFL’s decision to reduce COVID-19 testing in asymptomatic vaccinated athletes could show trends in the professional sports league and provide an example for society to move towards 2022.

The NFL has agreed to work with the athletes’ union on Saturday to reduce the testing of vaccinated athletes, despite an increasing number of positive cases of being forced to rescheduling three games over the weekend. This move is in line with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC recommends “diagnostic tests” only for those who have been vaccinated with symptoms or close contact, and “screening tests” only for those who have not been vaccinated.

The NFL previously required vaccinated players to be tested weekly before modifying the protocol. NFLPA advocated daily testing of vaccinated players, but eventually agreed to a “target” test.

The NBA did not require vaccinated athletes to be tested during the season, but revised its policy to increase testing for two weeks starting December 26th.

The NHL tested the player every three days, but returned to the daily test until at least January 7.

“I think the NFL will actually be very interesting. I think we’ll be doing a really safe real-world experiment on what our new normal will look like,” said a pulmonologist at the University of Washington. Dr. Wingputa, a professor at the University of Washington, said in an interview with the AP. “And the NFL is clearly a big vaccine bubble, with a few notable exceptions.

“The status quo cannot be continued. Otherwise, healthy, asymptomatic, triple-vaccinated people are regularly tested to identify asymptomatic individuals who may be positive. Only detect. Individuals who may have asymptomatic or mild symptoms, may have been vaccinated three times, and may be short-term, are probably vaccinated. It can infect other people who have symptoms. “

Almost 95% of NFL players and almost all coaching staff are vaccinated.

Gupta, an unofficial Seattle Seahawks consultant on the COVID-19 issue and an adviser to the Seattle Mariners in baseball, said the NFL is “being ahead of the curve” with goals and voluntary testing.

“I think they can do things that other countries can’t do because of the vaccine bubble, and I think they can control to some extent what we can’t control across the general public. That’s an interesting experiment,” Gupta said. .. “Given our reality, we need to build policies, procedures and case management protocols around meaningful positive tests.”

On Monday, the first day under the NFL’s revised protocol, 47 players were added to the Reserve / COVID-19 list. This was the highest in the day since the pandemic began. Some athletes were asymptomatic and vaccinated, a person familiar with the results told The Associated Press.

According to the league, Monday’s results are evidence that the new “smarter” and more “strategic” test policies are working. A positive case was identified and the player was quarantined. Players who test positive should be quarantined until they are allowed to return. With the new procedure, vaccinated players can return within 10 days.

Dr. Allensils, NFL Chief Medical Officer, said: “There we carefully examined the data. We clearly continue to evolve that definition over time, and how people can return by fine-tuning it in a way that suits the protocol. I believe we can bring even greater precision to the process. “

However, many question the league’s motivation to change testing protocols when the number of positive cases is rapidly increasing due to the Omicron variant.

“On the other side, more players are infected, which can infect other players, increasing the burden of infection,” said Dr. David Hamer, a professor of global health and medicine. At Boston University. “This change in plan strains me primarily due to the surge in Omicron.”

It’s no wonder whether the NFL has a desire to end the season uninterrupted ahead of health and safety. But the league and its team of doctors point out science and data.

“We are constantly analyzing the data, especially the results,” says Sills. “We are exploring our protocols with experts and with the Players Association. We are looking at them to see how we can achieve the safest environment possible for everyone. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly respond in order to adapt the protocol. And, obviously, with the advent of this new variant, as I said, it looks like a new disease in many respects, ours. It was an opportunity to reassess every aspect of the protocol and made some changes.

“We believe that what we actually do mimics what we have done in health care for quite some time …. We are asymptomatic vaccinated health care workers, We don’t check doctors on a regular basis. We test people who have symptoms and meet certain criteria, so we are based on our own experience and our health care experience. , I’m just actually participating in what has been done in healthcare. “

In addition to the new test policy, this week’s league emphasized player booster shots, mandated boosters for coaches and other staff, and offered virtual meeting options. Home tests are provided to all players and anyone can test at any time.

“I think we’ve learned a lot from health care. It’s also very important to try and use some of the exact same strategies that are used daily in health care for the NFL population. I think it is, “Dr said. .Deverick Anderson, Professor of Medicine at the Duke Center for Antibacterial Stewardship and Infection Prevention, and co-founder and co-owner of infection control education for major sports.

When the revised protocol goes into effect, 47 NFL players will be added to the Reserve / COVID-19 list (most in a day). Do other leagues follow the reduced test decision?

Source link When the revised protocol goes into effect, 47 NFL players will be added to the Reserve / COVID-19 list (most in a day). Do other leagues follow the reduced test decision?

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