When it comes to sports betting, there’s no such thing as a stupid question

It’s a record year for the NFL and the regular season hasn’t started yet. NS American Gaming Association report That record 45.2 million Americans, About 18% of the population, NFL In 2021.that is 36% increase AGA returns to more states to legalize since last year Sports betting And the enthusiasm for the next season has increased.

Judging by #GamblingTwitter, most people are sports betting experts. Or, someone who lives in the deepest part of Frank Rosenthal’s gene pool, or has a direct relationship with him in the afterlife.

Nobody wants to be in a social media sewage pool Ask basic questions Afraid to be roasted in the comments. Not everyone is sharp. Most people just consider sports betting as entertainment, and a $ 100 bet is too quick. fine. Find out what works for you, your risk tolerance and your bankroll.

I do not have access to the series of studies that AGA is conducting.But in 1-2 weeks to start College football And during the NFL season, you’ll receive more text and Facebook messages than at any other time. They all come from friends and acquaintances who want to start betting on sports. More new bettors have questions.And as a prelude to their question about sports betting, “I don’t want mansplaining, judgment, or someone yelling at me. Just answer me. Stupid question.. “

Basic questions about sports betting

But in reality, is sports betting legal?

Sports betting legal In 26 states and Washington, DC.It’s probably Super Bowl LVI, And five more states also have legal sports betting.

Betting on sports is legal in Pennsylvania. December 2018 And sports betting app Launched in the summer of 2019..

How do I know if a sportsbook is legal?

There are 13 laws and regulations Sports betting app In Pennsylvania.They contain familiar names like FanDuel, Draft Kings, BetMGM, Caesar, BetRivers When Bar stool.. To see if your site is regulated by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, scroll to the bottom of the page or app and you’ll see something like this:

What do all these numbers mean in sports betting?

What is a money line bet?

Simply put Money line bet Where you choose Which team will win The game is complete. Depending on whether you choose your favorites or the weak, paying for the right choice can make a big difference.

What does the plus before the sports betting number mean?

NS Plus (+) Before the numbers, the team Underdog..

in the case of Philadelphia Eagles Is +200 Money line, Those odds are 2 to 1 (odds divided by 100). If you place a $ 10 bet on them to win (and they win), you will win $ 20 (twice your money) and regain your original $ 10 bet.

The higher the number following the + sign, the less likely the team will win in the oddsmaker’s quote. So if you bet on a long shot and win, your payout will be much higher.

What does the minus before the sports betting number mean?

NS Minus sign (-) The team favorite..Favorite odds are based on possibilities $ 100 the case of Pittsburgh Steelers For -150 on the moneyline, you must bet $ 150 to win $ 100 on the moneyline (plus the original $ 150 bet).

If you make a successful $ 100 bet on them to win, you will win $ 66.67 (and your original $ 100 will be returned).

What does it mean to have a plus or minus in front of the team for a point spread?

Eagles +5 Eagles 5 point underdog.. To cover the point spread, the Eagles can either lose less than 5 or win the game.

in the case of Eagle is -5, they are 5 points of favorites.. Birds must win at least 6 to cover the 5 point spread.In this case, if the Eagles win 25-20, it’s “push” The bettor will regain the original stake.

What is Vig?

I know right? There are a lot of numbers and the algebra failed. Vig or “vigorish” Sports book cut Take action. Didn’t you think they were doing this for free?

For spread or over / under (total game points) bets, another number is displayed in parentheses.

Eagles +5 (-110)

I will tell you the number Payout odds For a winning bet. In this case, you have to bet $ 110 to win $ 100 (or you have to bet $ 55 to win $ 50). The extra 10% represents vig.

Payout odds +100 It means even payment, with no “juice” in the sportsbook. They usually make up for this by adjusting the other side of the bet to something like -120 or -125.

Choosing the right sports betting app

Which sports betting app is the best?

It depends on what you judge it.Some people Best welcome offer..A risk-free bet of up to $ 1,000 sounds great, but keep in mind that if you lose, you’ll get a bonus back. Site credit There is an expiration date.

Are you looking for Best odds??Pennsylvania Sportsbook Maximum tax In any state, you may not like the price and the nearly standard -110vig.Some sportsbooks use the same odds providers such as: Kambi Therefore, some sites will show the same odds.

The best advice I can give you to shop.. Open the app and “play” with the app. Are they easy to navigate? How does the price compare to other sports books? What kind of data do they provide about the game, or is it just “there is a line here”?

Need multiple sports betting apps?

I recommend it. How else do you compare who offers better odds?

How can I hide the sports betting app from my wife?

Communication is important for any relationship. I’m not here to help you hide things from your wife. First of all, why do you want to hide it? It’s not illegal (see above). Second, bet not to go over your head.

However, if you really want to know, enter your password on your phone and place the app in your phone’s “fantasy football folder”.

Or just tell your loved ones (women also bet on sports) that sports betting is out of the shadows.

“Sports betting is more popular than ever among Americans, and Better’s enthusiasm for the next NFL season highlights the remarkable growth of the industry over the last three years.” AGA President and CEO Bill Miller.. “Importantly, when the 2021 NFL season begins, more than 111 million * American adults can safely bet on their regulated sportsbooks rather than on predatory illegal markets. You will be able to do it. “

Choose a winner

I’m not interested in losing. Can you give me some tips on who will win?

I’m not a promotion or handicap. And even those who bet on sports to make a living rarely win any more. 55% Of time over a long period of time.

My uncle’s barber never loses. Whenever his old football injury occurs, the Steelers cover. He hits 90% of his bets.

He is lying. Have a look at the bet slip.

Lead image: FanDuel Sportsbook at Live! Casino Philadelphia by Katie Kohler.

When it comes to sports betting, there’s no such thing as a stupid question

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