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In Iran — As you know, the Islamic Republic of Iran — a four-month-old fetal abortion Acceptable If the mother is at risk of life or health, or if the fetus is damaged.

Well, generally speaking, we’Merikan here’see Iran as an unfriendly place … especially for women. That is, they need to wear a veil. Otherwise they will be imprisoned.

But uh … that is … Iran’s abortion rules are more generous than the current rules in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and South Dakota.

And when it comes to fetal dysfunction, as you know, literally like a child born without a brain and other fun things-seven states Say now You have to carry your baby to childbirth.

When it comes to abortion as a result of rape, at least behave like Iran. In Iran, that’s a lot of luck. You are raped and pregnant, you have to give birth to a baby. As with Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and South Dakota, assume that the current Roe v. Wade rules apply.

Congratulations, professional life! You’re done! (By the way, if I’m in charge of a counter-program in Iran, I would immediately buy advertising time in these states and the Iranian government would be happy to see if women’s health is at stake and abortion is needed. I’m telling women that they’ll fly them for free. You think it’s your heart, anyway …)

all right. So I’m here. The Roe v. Wade case was overturned by Samuel Alito, a Steinart graduate. What a world.

This is the problem: From my little game above, I’m an advocate of raging female choices, and you might think my body is my choice, a pink hat, and abortion is a great kind of companion.

The truth is, I’m not.

In fact, I think abortion of a viable fetus is abominable, except in the case of mother’s health and rape. If a woman becomes pregnant, she may need to take her baby to her birth and become a parent or give up her child for adoption.

The fetus is not a full-fledged member of human society, but I think it should probably not be aborted in 99.99% of cases. I think action has consequences, and ending life before it has a chance to start is pretty messed up, you ask me.

If I was in a position to have an abortion, I wouldn’t.

Congratulations if you feel “but” coming.

But that’s not my choice.

I can disagree with the idea of ​​abortion — and so — but also believe that women should retain their choice of problems, especially in the first few months of pregnancy.

The point here is that you have a neutral position and a reasonable space. I hate the idea that the government tells me, or anyone, what they can and cannot do with their bodies, and when I see it, so is the female body. (I know it’s a cliché, but it doesn’t make it that true: if a man gave birth, there would be an abortion clinic in Hooters.)

Listen, this is the hottest topic ever, but the idea that women may actually die literally in some states (not Iran) as a result of the Supreme Court … well, that’s wrong.

An AP survey in June of this year revealed that I was not a minority. Eighty-seven percent of Americans believe that women should be able to have an abortion if their lives are at stake.

It’s a pretty dark time overall.

When Iran gives women more rights than some American states (JEFF EDELSTEIN COLUMN) – Daily Local

Source link When Iran gives women more rights than some American states (JEFF EDELSTEIN COLUMN) – Daily Local

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