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Robinson Cano’s experiment is taken up as a huge failure in Mets’ history.

Money aside, in Kano’s time with the Mets, he wasn’t a player in Seattle and wasn’t near the Yankees’ top flight batters and defenders.It was just when he was in the field, and Suspension that ended his entire 2021 season Making trading blockbusters even more difficult. Undoubtedly a great player at peak times, Kano wasn’t very helpful when he joined the lineup and certainly didn’t contribute while sitting for a year.

For all this, Kano’s Specifying recent allocations Even if the economic implications and Kano’s All-Star pedigree make this move amazing, it makes perfect sense from a baseball perspective.

Currently, two things apply. Kano hasn’t played another game for Mets, and the other teams will at least do due diligence against him. All teams in the league are now able to use designated hitters, greatly expanding the possibilities of Kano. Other clubs are as old this year as Albert Pujols, Stephen Voct, former Met Jedlory, or Kano and are no longer dependent on large offensive numbers.

Intangible assets are an important factor for clubs that value Kano, but some clubs can use left-handed batters who can play with a safe second baseman in an emergency.Mets fans can also comfort the fact that Jarred Kelenic is the outlook for former general manager Uber. Brody van Wagenen participates in the Kano tradeThis year, it’s even worse than Kano in some stats categories.

Of course, one was 39 years old on the way out and the other played less than 162 MLB games, but Kelenic’s early return made it much more palatable, especially than Edwin Diaz holds. increase. Until his end of the contract.

There are some teams that will make a little sense for Kano on paper as the baseball world is waiting for his next move. But it’s not that simple.

If a player is designated for quota, there is a 7-day grace period before it is traded or fully exempted. No one is going to give up anything in the trade to get this version of Kano. If the team requests him an exemption, the team is also responsible for the remaining money remaining in the player’s contract. In the case of Kano, it’s an economic mistake.

This means that if Kano clears Waver as expected, he will be a free agent. But he has more than five years of MLB service hours, so Kano still borrows the guaranteed money that remains in his contract. This means that teams looking to seize the opportunity for complex sluggers will have to cover the rest of the year and $ 24 million in 2023.

There is friction there. Players like Pujols, Vogt and Lowrie have hit open free agencies. This allowed the team that signed them to sign a contract that far reflected their current value. None of these three have been signed for over a year or over $ 2.5 million. This is a very small fragment of what Kano owes throughout the 2023 campaign.

Basically, the team trying to fix Kano has to pay an exorbitant fee that frankly makes no sense at all. No one is going to eat so much cash for players who have barely offered to the field at this point. Another problem with Kano’s short time at Mets in 2022 was that he had to play every day to prove his worth. This created a difficult problem for the team. You’ll need to run Kano five times a week to regain his ditch in an important real game, or leave him in the pine as Ben Simmons’ most affordable bench decoration on this side.

Teams like the Toronto Blue Jays — now rudely trying to win, lacking left-handed bats, and no constant options currently established in DH and second baseman — were the most logical fits. prize. But the deal that Kano signed with the Mariners nearly a decade ago is still incredibly large.

The domino effect of the deal (the group Mariners negotiated with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports Agency, now including Kano’s agent Van Wagenen) is fascinating. If former Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik hadn’t been so high in dollars, his successor, Jerry Dipoto, wouldn’t have been so desperate to move Kano in the early stages of the Mariners’ reconstruction. If Van Wagenen had never been in Mets’ GM job, the team would arguably disagree with the 2018 deal, which forced him to take on the rest of Kano’s salary.

At the same time, without trades, Diaz does not exist. Diaz is very likely to be the man who ends the game that ends the post-season berth, or wins the potential of the playoff series. If Mets doesn’t trade for Kano, he may never have won a Starling Marte. This is another important piece of the current puzzle that has openly stated that it has a good relationship with Kano. I always wanted to be his teammate..

Inside and outside of this situation, anyone’s head can rotate. But DFA’ing Cano also brought clarity, finality and common sense to Mets. With a strong start to a strong season, Mets can quickly forget the story of this miniature.


What’s next to Robinson Canó? [hint, it doesn’t look good for the 8-time All-Star] – Reading Eagle

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