What’s next for the heat with Duncan Robinson? – Reading Eagle

Q: Ira, I wasn’t ready to escape Duncan Robinson because I had a successful lineup with Duncan Robinson. And I’m not now. I know he has his flaws, but he deserves his minute. – Steve.

A: But so are some players who had to make such a sacrifice this season. And I think I have little objection to Max Strus’s move to the first five. I believe you can’t and shouldn’t claim success by playing Victor Oladipo and Jimmy Butler together as Erik Spoelstra repeats the rotation. I believe it would be a disadvantage to Jimmy just because I couldn’t see the intervals there. So it’s not Victor’s fault, but Duncan may still be a better situation. Due to Tyler’s 3-point range, Victor and Tyler Herro will not have the same problem playing together. But again, it’s hard to discuss success.

Q: You can now see the ESPN heading. “Are you getting nervous on South Beach? Jimmy skips practice after sitting in the fourth quarter.” – S, R.

A: And you’re probably right. It was Jimmy Butler’s courtside flare-up with Erik Spoelstra and Bam Adebayo that brought something closer to the Lakers / Nets / Knicks this season. However, Heat revealed that Tuesday was an approved absence, and Spoelstra revealed that if Heat’s lead returned to single digits in the fourth quarter of Monday, Jimmy would have returned to the same state. I made it. Therefore, nothing is displayed here.

Q: We are fine. Rest Kyle Lowry. When Joel Embiid is back, let him come back. I’m ready. – HB

A: Despite Erik Spoelstra’s dissenting comments, Kyle Lowry’s absence in this hamstring strain seems to have made it easier to keep him out with a successful 3-0 heat. The 76ers without Joel Embiid are much less than the heat shortage without Kyle. It’s a wash that Heat definitely accepts, even if you don’t choose it.


What’s next for the heat with Duncan Robinson? – Reading Eagle

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