What is wearable technology and how it is important

According to a news report in the last quarter of Fy 2020 there has been a surge of 27% in the global shipment of wearable devices and roughly 444.7 million wearable devices are shipped. In addition there are many wearable app development services that also came into the scenario to give a more intuitive experience to hop on the fitness journey of the people.

This evidently shows how much people are turning their digital ecosystem with wearable technology and devices.

What is wearable technology ?

Wearable technology is the quintessential example of the technological advancement we have as humans, making our life safe and healthy. Wearable technology is the technology that enables people to use smart devices in the wearable forms and keep track of their health related activities with smart features that help in daily life.

For example – smart watches, fitness trackers, vR (virtual reality) gear, etc

Importance of wearable technology :

In recent times during the covid-19 pandemic, we have seen fitness awareness among the people. People have understood that a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important factors of life.  They have become more aware of fitness activities and eventually tend to keep track of their fitness. In doing so smart wearable devices play an important role keep and sustaining a healthy life.

In this article, we will get to know more about the importance of wearable technology through the points given below –

  1. Sustainable health goals

With the development of technology, wearable smart devices came into common people’s reach that helps to keep the health improvements of the individuals. There are certain important features of smart devices that help in enhancing our health and daily lifestyle activities. Devices like smartwatches and fitness trackers are equipped with a number of sensors that keep us conscious of our health conditions. Smartwatches / smart wearables come with a Blood oximeter, heartbeat monitor, calories counter, activity trackers, etc -. O2 Oximeter sensor in smart wearables tracks the real-time blood Oxygen saturation level in real-time. It helps to keep an eye on the oxygen level and especially in this time of covid distress many people have been saved by dipping down O2 level and taken to hospital on time.

  1. Security

Now, most of the wearable devices come with GPS antennas built in that let us see the real-time location of the person or things that have worn that device. Now wearable devices come with low power consumption BlueTooth and NFC (near field communication) technology works in the absence of a GPS antenna in terms of locating the smart device and the person who has worn that device. This feature is highly helpful in security terms to keep track of the small kids and pets. With these smart devices, one can set a safe perimeter radius so that if the device is out of that area it will send an alarm or notification to the administrator of that device. This is one of the interesting features to keep our small children safe and secure. Now wearable devices are sold by the technology companies for the pet or for the precious stuff such as laptop bags, luggage bags, etc. Therefore with the invention of these kinds of smart devices daily life of humans is getting more safe and secure.

  1. Encourage sports enthusiasts

The availability of smart wearable gears has proved to be a boon for sports enthusiasts or fitness experts. It gives the freedom of analyzing and keeping an eye on daily improvements or what needs to be done in future times. With several sensors built in such as a Heartbeat calculator, ECG(electrocardiogram sensor), sleep tracking, etc, sportspersons can analyze all the data recorded through mobile applications. This ultimately helps in granular improvements on a daily basis and with those minute improvements reflected in their performance day. They can outperform their competition and emerge as a champion player with precise practice and improvements.

  1. Unlock multiple devices

Now with the great popularity of smart devices that are worn by people companies have pushed technology for integration between multiple devices. With smart bands now there is no need to put passwords in devices just by tapping or waving near the devices like pc, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc it will unlock itself by identifying the user device automatically. This works with NFC chips or user authentication via Bluetooth to safely log into multiple devices without much effort.



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