What does that mean for minor leagues?

There is one message in the minor leagues as major league fans have removed March 31st from the calendar and officially delayed the start of the 2022 season. Play the ball

Lehigh Valley IronPigs will host the Columbus Clippers on Tuesday, April 5th to kick off the MiLB season. This is the highest level that professional baseball fans (Triple-A) can see across the country — at least for now. Reading Fightin Phils will have a season to play against Somerset on April 8th. Wilmington Blue Rocks will face Brooklyn on April 8th.

If you’re wondering why Iron Pig can play when the parent club can’t, it has to do with the collective bargaining agreement and the players it covers.

Here’s what you need to know about MLB lockouts, why the season is delayed, and what it means for future Phillies and Iron Pigs.

Why is the MLB season at stake?

At the end of last year, the collective bargaining agreement for the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) expired. At that point, all 30 MLB owners voted to implement lockout for the first time in 27 years. Due to the lockout, players represented by MLBPA cannot participate in club activities. Also, the team was unable to trade or sign free agents throughout the off-season.

If both sides seemed eager to meet and solve things, it didn’t work that way. It took the owner more than a month to make the first proposal, and negotiations just flew from there.

After both sides met on Monday, the owners seemed optimistic about the deal after extending the negotiation deadline until 5 pm on Tuesday, but then the door closed and lockout began.

What happened on Tuesday?

The 5 pm deadline passed without a deal as the owner refused to say that it was the “best and final offer” for the ninth consecutive day of negotiations. At that point, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said the first two series of regular seasons would be cancelled, and that’s just the beginning of a game that might be wiped out of schedule.

This is the first time an owner has locked out a player in negotiations over a new collective bargaining agreement since the 1994 season. That year, 938 games were played with the World Series and the postseason was cancelled.

What will happen next?

The negotiations seem to have ended for the time being. In short, the Phillies will lose the start of the season (it was a road trip to play the Houston Astros and the Washington Nationals). The earliest time Philadelphia can open the season is April 8. This is the upcoming home opener (and now the season opener) for Oakland Athletics.

MLB said it does not intend to change the schedule of canceled games. This means that the MLB team will play less than 162 games this season. Also, the fee for the losing game will not be paid to the player. Also, players cannot participate in club activities such as spring training.

How about a minor league?

The MLB Players Association contract is only for players on the MLB 40 roster. This means that whatever happens at the major league level, the rest of the minor league teams will play.

“We’re playing and excited, and there’s a lot of fun promotions and lots of things happening in the park this season. I can’t wait for the fans to come back,” said IronPigs Media Relations Manager. Mike Ventola said.

Obviously, this means that we don’t have a major league campaign that moves up the fielders and pitching prospects that are the focus of the Phillies system. (And Phillies superstar Bryce Harper frowned when he recently proposed to play abroad for the Yomiuri Giants in Tokyo).

Six games have been added to the Triple A schedule this year. So IronPigs will play 150 games this season.

When can I get a ticket for IronPigs?

The Lehi Valley Pig Day celebration will take place on March 5th from 10am to 1pm at the PNC Club in Coca-Cola Park. Tickets will be offered to fans on a walk-up basis from 10am and the ticket office will remain open until 2pm. Fans can also buy tickets online at

During the celebration, fans will receive free pulled pork and pulled turkey sandwiches (finished as soon as they are out of stock), hot dogs, chips, soft drinks and hot chocolate. The IronPigs mascot will also be available all day to excite fans during the season.

“I’m definitely excited,” Ventola said. “We lost the season in 2020 and 2021 was a truncated year. For us, now our full attention is to really show our community the season we have planned and I. We are doing everything. We have multiple fireworks festivals and appearances. We are also announcing some new foods so we are really looking forward to the start of the season. “

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What does that mean for minor leagues?

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