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There are old-fashioned words, but in the political situation we live in, there are words that I really need. It’s an honor.

What does it mean to be an honorable person? It means not only what they have achieved, but also who is recognized about who they are, in other words their personality.

Fortunately, there are honorable people who prioritize public affairs over private interests, try to live ethically by adhering to certain principles such as fairness and integrity, and pursue public interest rather than selfish consequences. I’m still there.

Unfortunately, prioritizing one’s own interests over the public interest, the principle is secondary to winning at any cost, and some attack those who disagree.

There is another less often used word that describes good people: characters. A person of personality is a morally good person, one who holds up to help us guide us.

John C. Morgan

When it comes to who we praise, there’s another explanation you don’t talk about often enough: role models. A role model is someone we have identified as worth following.

I know there are people living today who are role models, but I’m interested in quoting the past two people who are often used to guide us today: with Marcus Aurelius, the emperor of the Roman Empire in the Golden Age. First President of the United States in the early years of the Republic of George Washington. Both men were political and military leaders.

Aurelius, who died in 121, was also a philosopher. His meditation book is still cited today as guidance on the best way to live. If you want to read a book about the best ways to become an ethical leader, it’s best to start by reading his meditation.

Aurelius has provided four important habits that lead to an ethical life, especially for those who lead others.

1. Accept only what is right.

2. Work for the public good.

3. Live within our control.

4. Accept whatever nature has assigned us.

Aurelius writes that we are shaped by our ideas. He also wrote a nifty warning that “the purpose of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape from joining the ranks of madness.”

George Washington was a military and political leader during the formation of our republic and was still a respected role model today. It was his personality that was respected and the basis of those who followed him.

Personality is usually planted in childhood and grows in later years. Who we are is often set in our early days. In Kenneth C. Davis’s book The Hidden History of America, there is a wonderful story about the early days of Washington.

Washington received a rudimentary grammar school education in Virginia. Davis says his schoolboy’s notebook contained a handwritten copy of a book on manners and ethics of life. Some of these rules for life seem to describe Washington himself in them later in his life:

1. Every action taken within the company requires some respect for the actions that exist.

2. Be friendly and polite, not positive.

3. It does not always contradict what others say.

4. Labor for a small spark of heavenly fire, called the conscience, to stay alive in your chest.

Perhaps what we need today is a more prestigious political leader who can work for the public good, not for our own benefit, and serve as an ethical role model for us, especially children. ..

Perhaps the questions we have to shape those who support the administration are: Is this the person I want to be a child?

John C. Morgan is a writer who taught philosophy and ethics at the university level.

What does it mean to be an honorable person? – Mainline media news

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