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Westchester — The Westchester Area School District’s Jump Start Summer Program is getting a little extra financial backing thanks to the generosity of the Believe and Achieve Foundation.

Believe and Achieve representatives recently presented the district with a $ 10,000 check to help cover the costs associated with the program. The Exton-based Foundation provides access to basic needs and makes a difference in the lives of children and families. The Foundation believes that meeting basic needs can create a unique path for children to achieve.

The Westchester Area School District rolled out a jump-start program with limited capacity in 2014, but soon expanded it after recognizing the growing need to offer more opportunities to enrolled students. Did. This program provides a fair level of support and service that is not always accessible to English Learner (EL) students.

“Jump Start is designed to provide a jump start to EL students. It’s literally the title of the program,” said Steve Werner, Assistant Director of Student Services in the Westchester Area School District. I will.

“This program helps students brush up their studies and fill gaps. It also provides students with experiences that may not be available for a variety of reasons. Parents are working. You may not be able to afford things, or they may not know how to access these things. “

According to Werner, the Westchester Area School District has 494 EL students. About half registered for Jump Start this summer. Werner describes the jump start as a half academic / half summer camp. Believe and Achieve’s $ 10,000 gift will help you pay for field trips, STEM activities, and summer supplies to make your summer experience even more enjoyable.

“We want them to have the same level of experience that non-EL peers have. When the teacher asks,” What did you do during the summer? “, EL students Shed tears. Jump Start allows you to experience and experience many things in our community and the surrounding cities. When teachers ask the question, the most difficult part of the task is to choose one activity, which is their activity. favorite. “

Believe and Achieve donations help fund the off-campus learning and other activities, as well as the costs of the Hillsdale Elementary School produce stand. Jumpstart students can “shop” once a week to bring back fresh fruits and vegetables. The fifth grader operates the stand. Chester County Food Bank offers some of its produce.

“This program means everything to me,” Werner said. “It’s about making these students feel they belong and where they can achieve anything when given the opportunity.”

The jump start will begin on June 28th at Hillsdale Elementary School for EL students.

Believe and Achieve was founded in 2010 by local entrepreneur and philanthropist Fred Gunther. In 2014, the Foundation joined forces with NFL quarterback Matt Ryan from Chester County. Since 2010, Believe and Achieve have donated more than $ 1 million to support children and families in Chester County.

Westchester Summer Program Backed by Believe and Achieve Foundation | Local News

Source link Westchester Summer Program Backed by Believe and Achieve Foundation | Local News

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