Westchester considering adding Tesla to police car

WEST GOSHEN — Yes, it’s a new, all-electric Tesla, maybe a police chief sitting next to you in the traffic while waiting for a green light.

In a recent budget discussion, the oversight board considered buying a Tesla from West Goshen Police Chief Michael Carroll to get to and from his home in town and buy it as a means of management. This vehicle is not used as a police car.

The board has not yet made a final decision on whether to buy Tesla.

Carroll said in a telephone conversation that the township manager would test the car to determine if Tesla was suitable for patrol use.

Township will not be replaced by more hybrids as hybrid Ford interceptors as police cars. Because they were determined to be not working well.

Township wants to save cash and become more environmentally friendly.

The Tesla Model S can run 500 miles on $ 18 worth of electricity, but a patrol car requires about $ 90 of fuel to cover the same distance. The Model S has a cruising range of 315 mph and can accelerate from 0 mph to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. Police stations in many major cities across the country have recently added them to their fleet. Police officials who purchased them say Tesla will extend the life of its traditional police car and offer it in a sustainable and overall cost-effective way in the long run.

“This request is to promote the town’s goal of being more environmentally friendly and to test the potential for using electric vehicles in police fleets,” Carroll wrote in an email. “If you expect to use it for a minimum of seven years, you’ll need to save less than $ 1,200 a year ($ 100 a month) on fuel and maintenance to recoup your township’s initial investment.

“We are confident that this will happen.”

The 2022 Tesla long-distance all-wheel drive sticker price is $ 8,000 higher than the Ford Interceptor. Township is not considering the optional self-drive option.

Currently, the Township Complex has a charging station. Township has a fixed-price contract for electricity.

“I think most citizens are aware of rising gasoline prices,” Carroll said.

Perhaps the first police station to buy Tesla on the East Coast was in Westport, Connecticut.

In four years, the municipality has saved $ 12,582 on gasoline in electric vehicles and reduced maintenance costs. Electric vehicles do not require oil changes or other basic maintenance like gas vehicles.

Westchester considering adding Tesla to police car

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