“We’re on the road, too late” – Reading Eagle

The Chicago Bulls need to increase their pace.

Bulls succeed when their pace is enthusiastic and desperate. Especially in the playoff series with Milwaukee Bucks, they rarely become the largest or strongest team on the court. But when the Bulls harass their opponents in defense and push the open court with an attack, they can take advantage of their little ball mindset to confuse the game.

The opposite happened in them Annoying, loss of 111-81 Friday Game 3 vs Bucks.

“We have to run better,” said Billy Donovan, director of the Bulls. “Our pace is too slow. We need to make room on the floor. We have to run and we have to leave. Sometimes we have moved down the road but slow. It was too much. “

After Bobby Portis slotted into Bucks forward Khris Middleton Because of MCL sprainThe Bulls had to take advantage of speed and enter Game 3. Bucks started three players with a height of 6 feet-10 and above, creating a towering presence that shuts down the paint. With a smaller lineup of quick guards and adaptable forwards like Patrick Williams and DeMar DeRozan, the Bulls could have boosted their pace.

But they didn’t. The Bulls have scored only 5 points in the transition to Game 3 and continue the trend from Game 2 (6 fast break points) and Game 1 (5 points). The Bulls guard hesitated to catch the ball with numbers and spaces to attack and slowly lifted the ball against the fully set Bucks half-court defense.

“They are a great defensive team and they are good in all areas they protect,” Donovan said. “They are back in transition and rebounding. But even if the floor isn’t uneven, there are crossmatches and other matchups, and the sides of the floor are overloaded. If you have a chance to make a transition in this situation, you need to be able to attack .. I didn’t think you played at a sufficient pace. “

If the opponent team is shooting, it will be difficult for the transition ball to fall. Bucks shot 51.5% from the field in the first three quarters, 42% from the three-point range, and put in a bench player for the last 12 minutes.

The lack of fast break offenses in the Bulls was further hampered by Bucks’ improved ball protection, with only nine turnovers after coughing a total of 36 in games 1 and 2.

“You can do a better job by rebounding and pushing, picking up the ball and playing a little faster,” said guard Zach LaVine. “But without a stop, it would be difficult to get out during the transition.”

From the moment the bulls rebound the ball, the guard must catalyze the pace. However, Ravien said the team’s downturn also arose from the air of defeat after Bucks took an early lead of 19 points.

The Bulls looked exhausted by the end of the first quarter and were defeated by the end of half. But to grind the series against Bucks, the Bulls can’t allow double-digit leads to crush their pace of play.

“If you put the ball out of bounds, you can’t bow your head,” Ravine said. “You have to move on to the next play. Get out early, go ahead and push the court up a bit.”


“We’re on the road, too late” – Reading Eagle

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