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Los Angeles (AP) — Harvey Weinstein acquitted four counts of rape and seven other sexual assault counts in a court in Los Angeles on Wednesday. The sheriff’s agent took the 69-year-old convicted rape criminal to court in a wheelchair. Attorney Mark Worksman entered the shameful film tycoon’s plea the day after Waynestein was handed over from New York to California. There he was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

Waynestein simply said “thank you” to Judge Sergio Tapia, who wished him good luck at the end of the hearing. Weinstein is currently waiting for a second trial on the Second Coast and another long ruling.

Weinstein’s indictment involved five women in the 2004-2013 case.

Most are said to have taken place at hotels in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, and Weinstein, based in New York, will be the headquarters for Hollywood business.

Some happened during the Oscar week when his film was a long-time candidate before the #MeToo movement beat him.

He was acquitted of four rapes, four forced oral matings, two detention sexual assaults, and one sexual insertion through the use of force, all of which could result in a 140-year sentence. Insisted.

Welksman told the judge that he had filed a document requesting the dismissal of the three counts, alleging that the statute of limitations had expired.

“They are unfounded, long-standing, and unsubstantiated,” Worksman said of the post-hearing accusation. “I am confident that he will be acquitted if he receives a fair trial.”

The woman was not identified in the indictment.

Gloria Allred, a lawyer representing two of them, said the age of the case was not a factor in their truth.

“The idea that they may not have disclosed to law enforcement officers for years does not mean they are unreliable, as sexual assault and rape allegations take a long time to report.” Allred said.

The conditions for Weinstein’s delivery require that his trial begin by November. Werksman said Weinstein has not yet waived its rights. However, it is unusual for a trial to begin immediately. Weinstein returns to court for a motion for a hearing next week.

A New York jury raped an ambitious actress in a Manhattan hotel room in 2013, and in 2006 discovered Weinstein on charges of forcing oral sex on television and a filmmaking assistant in a Manhattan apartment.

He appeals for that belief and seeks a new trial. Weinstein maintains his innocence and claims that sexual activity has reached an agreement.

The Los Angeles prosecutor first charged Weinstein in January 2020, just as the jury proceedings were in the New York City proceedings.

More charges were added later that year, and in March he was charged by a grand jury in LA County. The indictment was opened by a judge on Wednesday, but the allegations in it are essentially the same as those already revealed in previous criminal charges.

The pandemic and delays in the process meant that Weinstein’s delivery took more than a year. His lawyer quoted his poor health as he tried to detain him in a state prison near Buffalo, New York, until the jury selection began in a Los Angeles trial.

At a hearing on Wednesday, Worksman requested a Weinstein health check. He said he was particularly interested in Weinstein’s vision outside the courtroom.

“He’s blind in one eye,” the lawyer said.

Harvey Weinstein, once a Hollywood powerhouse with his brother Bob and his movie company Miramax and The Weinstein Company, has been a major enemy of the #MeToo movement since the release of the women’s account in the New York Times in late 2017. It was marked. And New Yorkers. He will be arrested in New York seven months later.

Rumors about Weinstein’s behavior have been swirling in the film industry for decades, but he rewards many whistleblowers, nondisclosure agreements, and he could break their careers. I was silent because of my fear of things.

“Anyone who abuses power and influence to prey on others will be brought to justice,” Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon said in a statement Wednesday.

The Los Angeles accusation came from a task force established to tackle sexual misconduct in Hollywood as #MeToo gained momentum.

Weinstein and porn performer Ron Jeremy refused to prosecute more than 20 well-known men because they were one of the few people charged by the team and their allegations were too old or unsubstantiated. Did.

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Weinstein acquits sexual assault in California | Entertainment

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