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Indeed, the fitness tide of getting the best shape of your life or regaining your money has been around for thousands of years.

In my lifetime I’ve seen bootcamps, Bowflex, CrossFit, hula hoops, madness, jazzercise, kettlebells, P90X, Pilates, pole dancing, spinning and fields. This is not a complete list.

For years (actually centuries), one way hasn’t appeared on the trend list, but despite the lack of hype, it can be very informative. There is sex. Let’s take a look at some of the proven benefits of weight training.


In excess amounts, testosterone can be a problem. But in normal quantities, it motivates us, energizes us, helps us take control, and gives us libido (women also have testosterone). ..

Below normal levels of testosterone, depression, lack of drive, concentration problems, malaise, irritability, physical weakness, decreased or lack of sexual drive, sleep problems, stress coping problems, death It is related to the overall risk of. Strength training promotes the body’s natural testosterone production.

General health

Weight training increases bone density (thus reducing the risk of fractures in the elderly), improves balance (reduces the risk of falls that can cause fractures), and reduces the risk of stroke by up to 40%. Pressure, which has been shown to lower blood pressure (some studies have shown that twice-weekly weight training sessions are as effective as blood pressure-lowering drugs), strengthens the heart, and causes diabetes Reduces risk and fractures, and improves lifespan.

“The more muscle you have, the lower your risk of death,” said Dr. Arun Carlamangra, a UCLA researcher. “Therefore, instead of worrying about weight and obesity index, you should try to maximize and maintain muscle mass.”

Physical performance

Strength training helps offset half a pound of muscle mass lost each year after about 30 years of age. It also improves strength, flexibility and endurance. This reduces the chance of injury from other athletic activities. Strength, flexibility and stamina are also very helpful in maintaining your sex life.

Theoretically, we spend about 30% of our lives sleeping. But in reality, many of us are chronically tired. Getting less than 6 hours of sleep on a regular basis is associated with many serious health risks, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, obesity, mental illness, car accidents, and common cognitive impairment.

Researchers Patrick O’Connor, Matthew Herring, and Amanda Caravalyo have found that people with sleep disorders who have undergone regular strength training for 8-10 weeks have a 30% improvement in sleep. Elderly people who received regular weight training woke up less often at night than those who did not exercise.

mental health

Weight training may improve your self-esteem by changing the shape of your body in a good way. Training also causes the release of endorphins and helps reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

A little anxiety is good. It gives us the energy to be aware, focused and escape from dangerous situations. However, too much anxiety can impair sleep, cause physical pain, and have a negative impact on your entire life.

O’Connor, Herring, and Caravalho found that people who did weight training and aerobic exercise three times a week had less depression than those who did not.

Cognitive function

Strength training builds not only strong brains, but also strong muscles and bones. People who lift weights tend to have a larger hippocampus, a part of the brain that aids in verbal processing and memory.

According to O’Connor, Herring, and Caravalho, resistance training is especially beneficial for older people, especially in memory and memory-related functions. Other researchers have found that weight training improves executive functioning. This is the ability of the brain to organize us and keep us working.

Social status

Whether we like it or not, we are animals. And like most other animals, we have a social structure that is out of our control in many ways. The mechanism is as follows. Physically fit men will be more confident. Confident (and muscular) men tend to be more respected by others and are generally considered to be better leaders and more capable.

As a result, they can motivate others to work harder, get more promotions, and make more money. They are also seen as more attractive than their unconfident (and less muscular) siblings.

University of Florida researcher Timothy Judge and London Business School Daniel Cable said:

For example, the traits attributed to medium-sized men were very positive (ie, best friends, many friends, polite, happy, helping others, brave, healthy, wise, neat. increase). In contrast … atypical men were described by a different set of negative features (ie nervousness, sneakyness, fear, sadness, weakness, illness). “

The future of seeds

In addition to making men more attractive to the opposite sex, weight training can affect future generations. Weight training improves our ability to repair itself in our DNA. It keeps our genes healthy. And since our children get half of their genes from their dad, at least some of our healthy genes are passed on to our children, which makes them healthier as well.

In addition, a 2004 study of Danish men found that muscular men had more semen, more healthy sperm, and were more likely to give birth than lean and obese men.

Easy implementation

Taking advantage of weight training is not that complicated. Aerobic exercise can take a considerable amount of time, by definition, but many experts say that 30-60 minutes of weight training per week is sufficient.

Armin Blot is the author of “Blueprints for Men’s Health”, “Your Head: Owner’s Manual”, and many other works on men’s health. Visit him at or send questions and comments to

Weightlifting has many advantages – Reading Eagle

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