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West Chester — Recently, members of the West Town-East Gosen Regional Police Department received an award from the Chester County District Law Firm. The award recognizes their extraordinary efforts in investigating, arresting, and prosecuting an attempted murder in Westtown Township on November 23, 2020.

Court records indicate that the case involved the disciplinary action of Julian Stay Lewis’s nine-year-old daughter, which began within a few weeks of dating Dimitrios Mochalis after moving to Westtown in September. rice field.

It’s a forced time-out to march up and down the stairs of Lewis’s rented townhouse in Coventry Village, a small development area on Oakbourne Road, not far from Route 202 Bypass, just outside West Chester. It started with an order.

However, it allegedly gained strength over time as the girl continued to cheat until Moscaris beat the child with hangers and plastic rods on a semi-regular basis, injuring and leaving it injured.

In the end, the trauma that the girl allegedly received in the hands of Mochalis proved too much for her to overcome. She collapsed in the bathroom on the second floor of her home just before 1:00 am on November 23, 2020 and was taken to the hospital.

Lewis admits that it was difficult to control her when she “takes action” or doesn’t listen to her, and Mochalis needs a girl, even if her physical ferocity increases. I agreed to let the discipline I felt was dealt with and did nothing to limit it, according to testimony at the Preliminary Hearing on 22 December, when it happened.

“Lewis told Mochalis to stop if he felt over-disciplined,” according to a seven-page criminal accusation assigned to the case by Westtown-East Goshen (WEGO) regional police and Chester County criminal investigators. Probably. ” .. That is “what to do”.

In an interview, Lewis explained to police six separate sessions in which Mochalis forced the girl to be beaten in November, before the girl was rushed to AI DuPont Nemours Hospital in Wilmington, Dell. The incident suggests until the weekend of November 21, when Mochalis admitted that his actions were “the worst he had ever beaten her.”

In addition to the police work involved, officers and their families have collected donations to make sure the child has the resources needed to recover from this horrific incident.

WEGO Regional Police Win DA Award in Handline for Attempted Murder – Daily Local

Source link WEGO Regional Police Win DA Award in Handline for Attempted Murder – Daily Local

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