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Weekend Explosion: Gas to Georgia Apartment Blocked | Nationwide

Dunwoody, Georgia (AP) —Four people were sent to a hospital after a temporary gas cut in an apartment complex on the outskirts of Atlanta, where a building was partially collapsed in a weekend explosion.

Atlanta Gaslight said inspectors have identified problems with appliances and fuel lines in the building. Authorities said the City of Danwoody Code Officer had instructed them to suspend all natural gas services throughout the complex until all units were inspected and considered safe.

The company said WSB-TV When the explosion occurred, one of the crew went to the complex in response to a phone call from someone who reported the smell of gas.

“Atlanta GasLight is committed to providing our customers with a safe and reliable natural gas service. Upon arrival, they will begin coordinating with the first responder and will be connected to the affected unit. We turned off the gas and performed a safety check. At that time, we have not seen any other calls to Atlanta Gaslight related to the smell of gas complaints in the affected areas. “

After the explosion at the Arrive Perimeter apartment on Sunday, four people were taken to the hospital and at least 25 units were damaged, media reports said.

A field survey revealed two gas leaks in the building of a complex unrelated to the explosion on Monday, officials from the city of Danwoody said. These repairs were carried out and the gas was shut off so that the crew could inspect additional buildings.

Police said they were called to an apartment in DeKalb County at around 1:24 pm on Sunday, where they encountered heavy gas smoke. Police began evacuating residents, but then an explosion occurred. The blast was so powerful that it damaged the surrounding buildings.

A resident told WSB-TV that gas odors were occurring almost regularly in the complex.

“This is an ongoing problem,” said Erik Wiley. “Many residents are complaining about the smell of gas.”

Wiley said he called SCANA Energy a few months ago about his sense of smell. SCANA confirmed that it had dispatched a crew member from Atlanta Gaslight on March 29.

“They intended to detect the gas and notify management,” Wiley said.

However, SCANA said there were no signs of a gas leak. Atlanta Gas Light also said it has not confirmed property management or calls from SCANA except on Sundays.

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Weekend Explosion: Gas to Georgia Apartment Blocked | Nationwide

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