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In August, the British Parliament voted for the first time in history to formally insult the President of the United States. They called President Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan “shameful.” The dissatisfaction of the British Parliament was not that we withdrew from Afghanistan. Britain was dissatisfied with how incompetent the withdrawal was and how poorly communicated it was. Biden’s withdrawal blinded not only Britain, but France and other NATO allies. Prime Minister Boris Johnson tried to contact President Biden because the Afghan capital had been invaded by the Taliban, but Biden reportedly did not respond to Johnson’s call until 36 hours later.

Only a few weeks later, France recalled its ambassador to the United States for the first time on another dispute that abandoned their deal to sell submarines to Australia. France said the action “consists of unacceptable action between allies and partners, the consequences of which directly affect our vision for the alliance.” This unprecedented action and harsh words come from our longest ally. France fought on our side in the War of Independence!

Candidate Joe Biden promised to restore our historic partnership, and many of our allies openly cheered when Joe Biden became president. They were looking forward to a return to the good old days when the United States was available. But Biden’s series of disasters and the incompetence of his administration changed their mood. Our allies are learning the difficult way elections can bring results. Weak America threatens everyone’s safety!

—Robert Minninger,Spring city

Weak America threatens the safety of everyone – Daily Local

Source link Weak America threatens the safety of everyone – Daily Local

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