We must stop living in the past. Destroy the corrupt Neuweiler Brewery and move Allentown forward – The Morning Call

If the building has been vacant for a long time and is badly degraded and has trees, move on.

The Neuweiler Brewery in Allentown was a remarkable specimen at the time. But the sun set that day decades ago.

The crumbling building was annoying to the Front Street area. As suggested on Tuesday, if developers want to knock down most of them, city officials and residents need to support the plan.

Urban Residential Property has told the City Planning Commission that it has a spectacular idea of ​​a site overlooking the Lehigh River. The development company plans to build a seven-story building with 286 apartments, 38,000 square feet of retail space, parking and other facilities.

The plan requires that the iconic tower-like structures of the breweries on Front Street and Pump Place be restored and preserved, but the rest of the complex is being destroyed.

Some officials and advocates said they were disappointed with the demolition plan. Wake-up call Lindsay Weber reported.

It is sad that the landmarks are demolished. Much of our history is lost. But not all old buildings can be preserved.

In Allentown I was able to save the Americas Hotel, Because it didn’t fall to the point where it couldn’t. And it had an owner with the tenacity to quit the job.

Like Allentown State Hospital, demolition is the most practical way to redevelop a Neuvier site.

The Neuweiler Brewery has been vacant since 1968. If it had been diverted, buyers would have come and did it.

There is a reason why it is not happening. It’s not practical. The price is high.

Demolition was proposed in 1984. At that time, city construction officials said they did not believe that the structure could be refurbished and reused.

How can I find out? Because he discovered the nugget while investigating an article about a brewery’s previous redevelopment plan— Dating back to 2007..

The brewery has gone through a lot of work since it closed. They all had a big idea about it. It didn’t work. Hopefully this will be the case.

The condition of the building has been a concern for city officials for decades. The owner, when I wrote the article in 2007, spent the next two days in jail. Do not pay fines related to poor condition..

Neuweiler Brewery was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. However, it is not an automatic escape from the iron ball.

I agree with the dismantling of the brewery in the same argument that I made about the dismantling of the state hospital. Land is more important than buildings.

The hospital occupied 195 acres of land along Hanover Avenue, one of the city’s entrances. It’s a lot of land in a good place. Such opportunities rarely occur in older, developed cities like Allentown. Should be maximized..

Similarly, the possibility of destinations at Allentown’s riverfront is finally being exploited. The Neuweiler site should be part of it.

Maintaining the entrance to the complex gives developers full respect for the history of Neuvier. The name remains.

Perhaps you can include a small display of photos and souvenirs from the brewery to tell the story of the site.

Local and state conservationists toured the main building before the state hospital was demolished Deleted and saved for display as a museum work.. They included the top of the pillars, chandeliers and wall mounts, stained glass and door hardware.

Perhaps the same can be done at the brewery.

However, it’s short-sighted to postpone doing something on the site until the developer comes forward and is willing to fix it. That day may never come. Meanwhile, the building will continue to collapse, burdening the neighborhood.

The latest development plan is a good compromise between moving forward and looking back.

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We must stop living in the past. Destroy the corrupt Neuweiler Brewery and move Allentown forward – The Morning Call

Source link We must stop living in the past. Destroy the corrupt Neuweiler Brewery and move Allentown forward – The Morning Call

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