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“We have to run”-Aidahomor shooting leaves two dead | Nationwide

Boise, Idaho (AP) —Police said two people were killed and four were injured in a shooting battle with a suspect during a shooting at a shopping mall in Boise, Idaho.

Boise police chief Ryan Lee said at a news conference that the shooting was reported around 1:50 pm on Monday.

When the police arrived, they found someone who matched the suspect’s description.

“Shortly afterwards, a shooting exchange took place, resulting in injuries to police officers and detention of the suspect,” Lee said. Investigators believe there is only one shooter, he said, and there is no ongoing danger to the general public.

Police said in a news release Monday evening that the suspect was in critical condition at the hospital and the injured police officer was treated and released. Authorities did not release any other information about the victim or suspect as the investigation was underway.

“At this point, we can’t talk about the motivation behind it,” Lee said.

Boise Town Square Shopping Mall is the largest mall in the city.

“I can’t fully emphasize how traumatic this event is for the community as a whole, and for those who were witnesses, or for the families of those involved or involved,” Lee said. rice field.

After the shooting, several witnesses are said to be able to stand in the rain outside the entrance to Macy’s (one of the five major department stores in the mall), waiting for police interviews or leaving. I did. Police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks from several agencies filled part of the mall’s parking lot. Officials from the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives assisted the investigation.

About a quarter mile away, police officers closed part of the road near a crowded intersection so that they could investigate a second crime scene related to the shooting. A second crime scene police officer refused to answer the question.

Boise’s Cheri Gypin was in the mall with a friend and walked three or four times a week for an hour. She said she heard some big bangs, but thought something had fallen off the ceiling.

Then about 60 people, including the family pushing the stroller, rushed to them and some shouted that there were active archers.

“My friend was trying to handle it,” said 60-year-old Gypin. So we just ran and kept running until we got to the outer perimeter of the parking lot. “

They returned to the car, where police told a crowd of people fleeing the mall to leave the parking lot.

Investigators worked with hospital officials to inform their families of people who were injured or killed in the shooting, Lee said.

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean called on civilians and members of the press to give privacy to victims and their families in dealing with the trauma of shooting. She thanked law enforcement officers, first responders and others she said worked to keep the community safe.

“Countless people were in unexpected or unexpected situations,” McLean said, and shopkeepers and others “to take care of those who were there.” We responded very quickly. ” In a tough and chaotic moment, you show how much you care and what you want to do to support and care for strangers. “

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“We have to run”-Aidahomor shooting leaves two dead | Nationwide

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