We are constantly asked, “Can you do more?” We answer, “With your help, we can!” | Community

Earlier this month, a reader requested that excellent high school students take up the achievements in the process of advancing the competition. Did.The requester was happy with the news coverage, but he asked us to do so more..

That same week, we began investigating how the two girls disappeared, as they hadn’t been noticed for years. How did a system aimed at protecting children make them so miserably fail? We dig deeper, get court documents, and keep asking difficult questions.I want to do it more..

Meanwhile, investigative journalism requests continue to reach our inbox every day. Injustice, corruption, school bullying, abuse by authorities, sexual trafficking (yes, it exists here).

We answered, Where are free Thanksgiving meals offered? When What restaurants can you offer for Thanksgiving???

NCPA editorial meeting is in progress.

Report on new businesses, issues within the city government, the development of COVID-19, where and how taxpayers’ dollars are being spent. We navigate the court system to report what verdicts have been imposed on convicted drug sellers, murderers, and child exploiters. We will do our best to answer, What happened to the victims of the traffic accident? Why did the fleet of SWAT vehicles just go screaming???

We report on the success of local fundraising, the achievements of local youth, and inspiring stories like the locals who donated a life-saving kidney to a complete stranger.

We do it with a small staff of reporters. We do it because we are compelled and committed to reporting timely, relevant, accurate and important news.

We publish our stories to more than 325,000 monthly visitors and 65,000 people who read our website. Facebook Followers and readers twitter When Instagram..

We don’t charge anyone for dimes or hide content behind paywalls.

local. Independence. Responsive. Sustainably. Accountability.


If you read our news site regularly, if you use it for free Community calendarLet us send you news tips, request stories, and share press releases. Thank you very much.

And we ask you to help us continue to grow if you are possible and progressing.Support our advertisers, promote your business and services, or contribute to our efforts to provide local independent journalism through: And NCPA media.

Click here for instructions..

thank you very much!


Everything we do works better with dogs.

Our content is free, but journalists are working hard. 100% of your contribution to is directly directed to helping us cover important news and events in our area. Thank you for saying that local news is important!

We are constantly asked, “Can you do more?” We answer, “With your help, we can!” | Community

Source link We are constantly asked, “Can you do more?” We answer, “With your help, we can!” | Community

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