Washington County DA justifies police shooting, soldiers not prosecuted

Washington, Pennsylvania (KDKA)-A State police shooting It was ruled that it was justified by the Washington District Attorney two months after it happened.

It began on May 21 when two suspected robbers accused of stealing a chainsaw from the location of the Royal King were identified by a Mount Pleasant Township escape vehicle. According to police, the form of ID is invalid.

The trooper asked the vehicle passenger, 25-year-old Dennis Phonoimoana, for an ID he didn’t have. Investigators said the soldiers asked him to look at his hand when he noticed that Phonoimoana was leaning on him.

The investigator said Phonoimoana had an unresolved warrant and did not obey the soldiers.

“He started showing me your hand and repeatedly yelling to show you your hand,” said district attorney Jason Walsh. “The actor begins to move … the trooper sees the weapon in the actor’s hand.”


Erica Stanish

According to Walsh, the video and witness testimony detail how the soldier shouted at Phonoimoana to drop a gun.

“The actor doesn’t drop his gun and points towards the trooper,” Walsh said. “Then the soldier fires his weapon.”

According to investigators, the trooper fired seven times. Phonoimoana was struck on her chest and neck a total of five times.

When the backup arrived, investigators said soldiers had found that the safety device was turned off on the Phonoimoana gun. Police said it was also reported stolen.

Troopers will not be prosecuted, Walsh said.

“The whole situation shows that the use of deadly force was rational,” Walsh said. “As a result, there are no criminal charges in this case. In my opinion, this is a legitimate murder.”

State police said the police involved were allowed to return to the scene.

Police said the stolen chainsaw was pawned off shortly after it was stolen.

Washington County DA justifies police shooting, soldiers not prosecuted

Source link Washington County DA justifies police shooting, soldiers not prosecuted

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