Walzl plate the winner as the Dodgers nip the bulldog with additional innings | Sports

Trevor Waltzle from Littlestown came to the plate with a go-a-head run on third base and a two-down in the top of the eighth inning.

Walzl and Brushtown relief Alex Meckley fought 2-2 counts when Walzl fouled the pitch from his knees and fell to the ground in pain. He gathered with himself two pitches later, ripped a double in the middle right where he played Joe Murren, and the Dodgers won 3-2 in the South Pen League action at the Brushtown Athletic Association on Thursday night. Helped.

“As a third-place runner, my approach was to get the ball through the infield,” Walzl said. “He hung a curved ball and I got a barrel on it.”

Blushtown (6-15) wasn’t quiet at the last chance at bat, as the bulldog was able to put a lot of trouble on Littlestown relief pitcher Nick Lampone.

Following a punchout to start the eighth, Chet Highfree became a single and Luke Ricklord took a walk. The Ethan Slusser lineout pulled up Landis Grove, and he used a free pass to lower Josh Sherdel’s sack by two.

Sheldel lags 1-2 and touches first baseman Samweltz. Samweltz beat Sheldel with an unassisted stab.

“They are a much improved team,” said Calvin Benevento, acting manager in Littlestown. “When faced with them, you must be ready to play.”

Blushtown lost 50 games in a row from the 2018 playoffs to the end of the 2020 regular season before winning last year’s playoffs.

“We’ve gathered some guys for the third year in a row. Our team goes great together,” said Brushtown manager Chris Slusser. “This year we’ve added some talented high school and college students and we’re really growing as a team.”

Benevento started the game with the ball, did the first three innings, and posted a trio of zeros. He struck out 30 of the 38 balls and allowed one strikeout with four strikeouts without a walk.

He gave way to Justin Gladhill. Justin Gladhill advanced two frames, allowing two runs (one win), two hits, three walks and one strikeout.

Lampawn then guided the visitor through the last three frames, walking three and hitting six.

“There are so many games out there that no one wanted to overwork tonight,” Benevento said. “I was trying to hit my spot, and I made a good move on my pitch.”

Bo Boyers greeted Gladhill rudely when he belted his first offer of right relief over the left field fence for Solo Homer in the bottom of the fourth for the first run of the game.

Littlestown (15-3) responded in 5th place with two spots when Murren made a sacrifice fly to win Glad Hill and then Welts released a Lanscore single to chase Lampawn.

Boyers’ full-base free pass at the bottom of the fifth-scoring glove was 2-2 to level things out.

Blushtown had a chance to finish it in the 7th when Tyler Hilson pulled the one-out walk and stole the 2nd and 3rd, but got stuck after Lampawn instigated the next two batters. did.

Ethan Slusser got off to a’Dogs start, with three strikeouts and three walks, six hits and two runs (both unwinned), so he turned in five good frames. .. After that, Meckley processed the last three.

“As the years go by, our pitching is getting stronger and stronger,” said Chris Slasser. “Whenever I pitch on the mound, I am confident in every pitcher.”

Highfree, a 42-year-old backstop in Blushtown, had two of his team’s five hits and swiped two bases.

“Chet has made a big addition to our team,” said Chris Slusser. “He was a big reason for the chemistry we built here. He also gives us a leader behind the plate.”

Meanwhile, Waltzle, who last played for North Carroll and SPL in 2016, knocked on the Dodgers twice.

“I’ve always loved this league,” said Waltzle, who also plays for Glen Rock in the Central League. “I have some friends playing here, so it was natural for me to come here when the team I played in Baltimore was folded.”

Littlestown will return to action in Twinville at 1pm Sunday in Biglerville (11-8), and the next Bulldog contest will take place on Tuesday at 6pm in Mason-Dixon (6-11).

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Littlestown 000020 01 — 3 7 3

Brush Town 00110 00 — 2 5 2

Calvin Benevento, Justin Gladhill (4), Nick Rampone (6), Blake DiPietro; Ethan Slusser, Alex Meckley (6), Chet Haifley. SO-BB: Benevento 4-0, Glad Hill 1-3, Lampone 6-3; Slusser 3-3, Meckley 6-0. W — Lampawn. L — Meckley. 2B: L — Trevor Waltz. HR: B — Bo Boyers.

Walzl plate the winner as the Dodgers nip the bulldog with additional innings | Sports

Source link Walzl plate the winner as the Dodgers nip the bulldog with additional innings | Sports

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