Waiting for a reply from the state medical committee


Before the pandemic, I had a 30-year career in healthcare and was half-dismissed, mostly on the business side of the profession. I will continue to be a very well-read, peer-reviewed, published researcher on issues related to our healthcare system and its improvements.

I would like to continue contributing to this profession as a volunteer member of the Pennsylvania State Medical Commission. The Pennsylvania State Medical Commission is primarily home to doctors, but has two seats for public representatives. After understanding the application process, I informed the State Senate Office of my interest and presented my qualifications. They seemed keen to recommend me to the governor.

Over the last two and a half years, I’ve emailed Senators many times, asking for feedback from the Governor’s Office on their interest in service, but I haven’t received anything at this time. In addition, I have not been contacted by anyone in the Governor’s Office or by state medical committee staff.

The Board exists to protect the health and well-being of the people and to maintain the integrity of medical professionals here in Pennsylvania. Public members are certainly a proper addition to this committee. We would appreciate any insight into the lack of attention paid to staffing this important state committee.

Tom Staveroski

Waiting for a reply from the state medical committee

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