Voting Aggregation Begins with 2nd Amazon Union Elections in New York | Work

The Federal Labor Relations Commission on Monday counts ballots cast by warehouse workers in the second Amazon union elections on Staten Island.

The National Labor Relations Commission oversees the elections and expects to complete the polls by Monday night.

In another election last month, an early group of organizers known as the Amazon Trade Union won a surprising victory when workers at another facility on Staten Island voted in favor of forming a union.This was the first time for Amazon in the United States

However, it is unclear if the ALU can reproduce that success. This time, there are few workers eligible to vote (about 1,500 for 8,300), and the turnover rate of the facility is high. Also, fewer organizers are involved in recent elections than in previous elections.

The same obstacles that initially plagued the effort, including Amazon’s aggressive anti-union tactics, are working again. For the election, Amazon will continue to hold compulsory meetings, convince workers to refuse union efforts, post anti-union leaflets, and launch a website that encourages workers to “vote against”. rice field.

“Currently, ALU is about to come during our relationship with you,” the website post reads. “They think they can do a better job advocating for you than what you do for yourself.”

Amazon spokesman Kelly Nantel said in a statement that employees would choose to join the union. But “as a company, I don’t think unions are the best answer for employees,” Nantel said. “Our focus remains on working directly with our team to make Amazon a great place to work.”

A second labor victory may motivate workers at other Amazon facilities, as well as workers at other companies, to initiate similar efforts. You can also enhance the power and influence of the ALU.

However, the defeat of the union could silence some of the recent labor celebrations and question whether the first victory was just a fluke.

Regardless of the outcome, it will be a difficult road for the ALU. Amazon challenged the first election and, in a submission to NLRB, claimed that the vote was contaminated by the organizer and the local office of the Brooklyn Board of Directors, which oversaw the election. The company says it wants to be reelected, but union supporters believe it could delay contract negotiations and slow down organizational momentum.

Meanwhile, the final result of another union election in Bessemer, Alabama, is floating in the air, with 416 unresolved opposition ballots remaining. Hearings to confirm these ballots will begin within a few weeks.

Voting Aggregation Begins with 2nd Amazon Union Elections in New York | Work

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