Voters will remain incumbent primarily on the 2021 election day

LANSDALE — Voting is done, counting is done, and messages from voters are clearly visible.

The number of early votes reported by Montgomery County, with a few exceptions, shows almost complete re-election of incumbents, with approximately 21,000 mail ballots across the county as of 1 am Wednesday. Not yet counted.


District 1 got the most attention on Tuesday Three competing candidates A total of 2 seats in the autonomous region council. Early results in Montgomery County show that both incumbent Democrat Mary Fuller and fellow Democrat Rachel Borence beat Republican candidate Yanny Rambros.

Rachel Borence (submitted photo)

At the 12:17 am update from Montgomery County, Borence had 489 votes, surpassing all candidates, followed by Fuller with 488 votes, Rambros with 320 votes, and written votes with 32 votes. ..

Submitted photo

Mary Fuller.

Yanny Rambros (Posted Photo)

Elsewhere in the autonomous region, incumbent Democrat Andrew Carroll, incumbent Carrie Hawkins Charlton, and newcomer Mark Ladley were all elected for a four-year term, with incumbent Mayor Gary Herbert and tax collectors. Jim Hanratty didn’t object either.

North wales

Two races have attracted voters to North Wales polls. Mayor’s rematch When Tripartite competition for the council..

The sum of the early votes shows that the rematch has moved back to office as Democrat Neil McDavid appears to be slightly below incumbent Republican Mayor Greg Dangero.

Greg Dangero (submitted photo)
Neil McDevitt (submitted photo)

As of 12:17 am on Wednesday, D’Angelo had 485 vs. McDavid’s 471 votes, D’Angelo won the election day vote by 433 vs. 347, but McDavid mailed 124 to 52. It exceeded the vote.

As for the council, Democrats Alexander Gross, Sara Welan, and Republican Lisa Vogel all served four-year terms in the council from District 3, with a narrow pair of Democrats in early voting. It shows that it is popular.

Alexander Growth (submitted photo)
Sara Welan (submitted photo)

As of 12:17 am on Wednesday, Welan had 149 votes, more than three, followed by Growth with a total of 139 votes, and Vogel with 133 votes at the time of the update.

Lisa Vogel (submitted photo)

Elsewhere in the town, city council member Eion O’Neil ran in District 1 without opposition, while incumbent Sally Neiderhiser and newcomer Johnn Fox ran in District 3 without opposition for four years.

Upper Gwined

Two incumbent Democrats participated in the vote County Commission seats It seems that only one person has won.

Republican challenger Michelle Lap surpassed all candidates early Wednesday morning, with Liz McNanny’s president finishing second, and current executive vice president Dennis Hull and writing candidate Fred Henken. Followed.

Liz McNanny (submitted photo)
Dennis Hull (submitted photo)

As of 12:17 am on Tuesday, Rap was reported as the top of all four candidates, with a total of 1,876 votes, followed by McNanny with 1,861 votes and Hull with 1,786 votes, for a total of 1,285 votes. Voting continued.

Fred Henken (submitted photo)
Michelle Wrap (submitted photo)


At least one new supervisor guaranteed Heading for elections, And voters chose only one newcomer: Incumbent Republican Dumbbell and newcomer Christine Warner seem to have fought off Democratic challengers Joyce Snyder and Stephen Krup.

Dumbbell (submitted photo)
Christine Warner

As of Wednesday at 12:17 am, Warner leads all candidates with 2,478 votes, followed by Bell with 2,448 votes, Snyder with 1,761 votes and Kurup with 1,683 votes.

Joyce Snyder (submitted photo)
Stephen Krup

Hatfield Township

Two longtime commissioners Incumbent Republicans Tom Zipfell and Bob Rogers both seem to have returned to ballot as they faced Democratic challengers Carla Darescio and Donald McGowan for a four-year term.

Tom Zipfell (submitted photo)
Bob Rogers (submitted photo)

In the total number of votes posted earlier Wednesday, Rogers led Darresio by 357 votes, 263 votes, and the rest of the county’s mailing votes are still pending. In District 4, Zipfel held a healthy lead of McGowan with a total of 645 to 415 votes, with votes counted at 12:17 am.

Karla D’Alessio (submitted photo)
Donald McGowan (submitted photo)

Montgomery Township

one Current supervisor and one former supervisor Incumbent Democrat Candice Flure Chimera and newcomer Audrey Ware appeared on the ballot as they seemed to outperform Republican challengers former directors Rick Miniskalco and Joan Cunningham. Only one won.

Candyce Fluehr Chimera (submitted photo)
Audrey Wear (submitted photo)

As of 12:17 am, the county had the highest total votes of all four with 2,840 votes for Chimera, followed by 2,718 votes for Ware, 2,679 votes for Mini Skullco, and 2,586 votes for Cunningham.

Rick Mini Skullco (submitted photo)

All results are based on a total of preliminary votes released by Montgomery County authorities early Wednesday morning and are subject to change until writing and absentee voting takes place.Follow the Twitter reporter for more information @lansreporter..

Voters will remain incumbent primarily on the 2021 election day

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