Virginia Filmmaker Padicotter Unveils Pennsylvania State University Men’s Lacrosse Documentary

Roanoke, Virginia (WFXR) — The Grandin Theater will host a premiere screening of a sports documentary from Roanoke this weekend.

Called “16,” this documentary follows the tragic journey of the Pennsylvania State University Men’s Lacrosse Team.

Lacrosse is a familiar topic for sports-loving family paddy cotters. His sister Kelsey played lacrosse at Salem High School and Washington & Lee University.

But for Cotter, his passion is to tell the story of sports, and he has a strong one to debut on Saturday, June 19th.

“For the first time in connection with this project, I was completely relaxed. This is a fun part,” Cotter said. “We can share it.”

His film may not have been featured in the Grandin Theater Marquee, but on Saturday, Cotter will showcase his passion for sports and storytelling at a historic venue.

“I like sports. It’s pretty natural to get into the realm of complete attachment, sports storytelling,” Cotter said. “I was at Pennsylvania State University doing everything I could to cover as much sport as I could. I was on the Pennsylvania State University lacrosse beat.”

It was the spring of 2017, when men’s lacrosse at Pennsylvania State University was on the rise. At that time, Cotter focused on certain two-digit numbers that had a major impact on the team.

“The whole program was built around the number 16,” says Cotter. “And this team was obsessed with number 16. As a storyteller, I really wondered how I could find the best way to tell this story.”

The number “16” is what Connor Darcy wore on his jersey. He is a goalkeeper at Pennsylvania State University and died in a car accident in 2015.

“In the next three years, I learned a lot about sadness, what it means to be a teammate, and what it means to be a brother, and it was a great life-changing experience,” Cotter said.

“16” is not the first sports documentary that Cotter worked on, but it is the first documentary he started from scratch under the production company Opening Statement Productions.

“Being a new filmmaker, having to learn everything about documentary filmmaking was difficult because I was dealing with real life. You deal with real life emotions, real life stuff. You have to build real-life trust with these people. “

After shortening hours of footage and interviews to 68 minutes, Cotter is ready to tell the world a story that means the world for him and Lacrosse at Pennsylvania State University.

“This is a really fun part of sharing with the local community, with family, and with some people in the documentary,” Cotter said. “This is all, and having it in Roanoke is a complete dream come true.”

“16” will premiere at the Grandin Theater on Saturday, June 19th at 7:30 pm, after which there will be a question and answer session with the filmmaker Padicotter.For tickets, please visit the Grandin Theater website Here..

Virginia Filmmaker Padicotter Unveils Pennsylvania State University Men’s Lacrosse Documentary

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