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Looking at the specs of the Viofo A139 Triple Channel Dashcam, it’s easy to keep non-tech heads scared and away. But don’t. Dash cameras are technology gadgets that you don’t think you need until you need them, and it’s often too late.

If you have an accident, there is no better proof than video.

Yes, the Viofo A139 does a lot, but the most important aspect is how easy it is to set up and ready to use. Looking at the high quality images it produces and records (MP4 and JPG), it’s easy to see why this is almost essential.

The triple camera includes a front-facing internal infrared camera and an infrared camera for the rear window, so everything is recorded without sacrificing the view. In addition to the camera, it includes a quick release mounting device, a simple mounting cable, a car charging adapter, and instructions. The installation will take some time, but don’t hesitate to do it yourself.

Each camera has a Sony sensor that records in Full HD. After recording the night vision, you can actually see the effect of Sony’s sensor. This provides incredible details. There is a 140 degree wide-angle view on the front. The inside and back are 170 degrees. The front is also rotated nearly 300 degrees to get the optimum angle you need.

The recording resolution at 30fps on the front is 2560x1440P. Interior and rear recording at 1920 x 1080P. All three cameras can record at the same time. Content is stored from class 10 to a microSD memory card up to 256GB.

The indoor camera has a 6-element infrared LED lamp system that completely covers the room day and night.

Other features include parking mode, time lapse, GPS with route data and vehicle speed, dual-band Wi-Fi with built-in 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi for content transfer, and voice recording. You can add an external microphone to capture audio in a specific location.

A feature I like is automatic event detection in parking mode. We do not guarantee that you will be able to get a record of the situation (for example, when the shopping cart hits the car), but if something is detected while the vehicle is parked, a video clip will be recorded automatically.

The free Viofo companion apps (App Store and Google Play) are user-friendly to help you set up, live view, play recordings, download, and even share breathtaking videos on social media. $ 269.99


Just in time for the grill season, Cave Tools has launched a chicken and turkey loin truck to make a perfectly cooked dinner. After using it on chicken, it works as advertised, confirms that it was produced, and gives more smoky, crispy and juicy results.

Patented self-busting and non-stick (dishwasher safe) stainless steel frame makes cooking easy on the grill or oven. It holds up to 20 pounds and holds poultry at a unique 20 degree angle. The frame holds the poultry sitting on the outside of the loin track with its feet down, with the wingtips pushed into the rack.

This causes drips to collect on your chest and keep them moist throughout the cooking process. Keeping the chicken off the grill will reduce cooking time by an average of 20 minutes.

For grills and smokers, the instructions provided are instructed to place the poultry in the frame with the chest down. On the grill, you don’t need to add anything to brown or cover with foil. The final cooking temperature should reach 165 degrees, but not above that.

All my invited and vaccinated guests have been approved. Includes a free download of the BBQ Smoker Journal app. $ 19.99


While cooking chicken, I multitasked with Monoprice’s Monoprice Monolith M-TWE true wireless earphones. Uses QualcommcVc echo canceling and noise suppression technology.

Monoprice’s press release correctly states that they are the best-protected secrets on the Internet for consumer electronics. I have never heard of them. until now.

With decent sound and a reasonable price ($ 99.99), they have all the features the average user wants. Bluetooth 5.0 earphones have a built-in microphone for noise canceling, clear hands-free calling and 10 hours of battery life. With a portable USB-C charging / storage case, your earphones will last an additional 20 hours. Each earphone snaps into a magnetic case for 1 hour of playback with just 5 minutes of charging.

Inside each ear is a 10mm neodymium dynamic driver with a water resistant IPx4 rating to protect against sweat and is also suitable for training. Touch controls responded to manage noise canceling, volume, music selection, and answering to the phone. Includes 5 eartip sizes.

The SoundID of the Sonarworks app allows you to tune your Monolith M-TWE’s true wireless earphones to a particular sound.

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Viofo A139 Dashcam is easy to use | Life

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