Vin Diesel teases the Riddick 4 update | Movie

Vin Diesel is making fun of the “Riddick 4” update.

The 53-year-old actor, who first announced The Chronicles of Riddick: Friya five years ago, revealed that he had held a meeting to please action franchise fans, suggesting that the announcement was underway. ..

Sharing his photo on “Ridick,” he wrote:

The franchise began with the 2000 film “Pitch Black” by writer and director David Twohy, followed by “The Chronicles of Riddick” four years later.

“Riddick” appeared in 2013 and fans are looking forward to the long-awaited next installation. Diesel and Tuhee have previously announced that they would like to work on the spin-off TV series “Merck City”.

Vinh has done more than accept to return to his previous role, and recently claimed he would never get tired of playing Dominic Toretto in the “Fast and Furious” series.

The blockbuster movie series is set to end in 2024, but when asked if he felt relieved, he said: No. I love playing Dominic Toretto.

“The finale comes because every good story needs a finale, because every book you read has a final chapter, because that’s the nature of storytelling.”

He went on: “I’m sure there are people who want’Fast’to continue over and over again.

“The universe, the” fast “universe, obviously does that, and in the future, different repetitions of the story and different lines of the story will be played.

“But I think this myth feels bittersweet for many, but I think it’s our duty to give our fans a finale.”

Vin Diesel teases the Riddick 4 update | Movie

Source link Vin Diesel teases the Riddick 4 update | Movie

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