Vice Governor Josh Shapiro Issue

Democratic Attorney General and Governor Candidate Josh Shapiro is in trouble.

And that’s not what you might think.

Of course, when he is campaigning for the governor, Shapiro has some obvious luggage. As Attorney General, he appeared in court to defend Governor Tom Wolfe’s solemn and unpopular suspension order. Shapiro also fought in court to allow schools to continue to refuse students’ direct learning. He betrayed supporters of the blue-collar union by boosting entry into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, which destroys jobs in Pennsylvania.

These are issues of the November general election. However, Josh Shapiro is having problems in the May primary. He is a Democratic Rep. Brian Simms.

While Shapiro is running for governor, Sims is running for vice-governor. In Pennsylvania, candidates for governor and vice-governor run separately in the primary elections of their respective parties. The winner then runs together with the general election ticket. Therefore, if Sims wins the Democratic primary, he and Shapiro will run as tickets in November.

Matthew J. Bullyette

Ideally, governor and deputy governor candidates will blend in with powerful and attractive tickets. However, if the two have dramatically different public images, joint campaigns can be a problem.

Unfortunately for Shapiro, he may find himself in this scenario.

As you know, Shapiro has been groomed for years, and even decades, for greater political glory than ever before. He jumps from office to office and always leaves the office in the medium term. First as the State Capitol, then as the Montgomery County Commissioner, and now as the Attorney General, he wants to skillfully create a sophisticated political image. He avoided scandals while creating a persona that masked his radical progressive policies. Shapiro-Sims tickets threaten to undo everything Shapiro created. Far from reflecting Shapiro’s smooth and polite persona, Brian Simms has the exact opposite reputation.

Elected as the first openly member of the LGBTQ of the General Assembly in 2012, The Sims has a progressive policy that reflects Shapiro’s policy in many respects. However, Sims abandoned his politeness in order to pursue his purpose.

In 2018, The Sims “welcome” Vice President Mike Pence to Pennsylvania. He openly ridiculed his faith, extended his fingers, and closed his remarks with an obscene see-off.

The following year, Sims records two teenage girls praying outside the planned parent’s clinic, posts their video online, and pays $ 100 in exchange for information about their identities. I offered.

Exposing a minor girl is clearly the norm for The Sims, but it doesn’t fit into Josh Shapiro’s clean-cut formula for winning the November elections. So it’s no wonder Shapiro tried to stand by the Sims campaign by adjusting his tickets.

Last December, Shapiro approved Austin Davis, the Democratic Party of Allegheny County, as Vice Governor. As a result, Democratic Rep. Patti Kim (Dauphin County), who was considering running for that role, decided to oppose doing so. Coupled with Davis’ support by the Democrats, Shapiro’s plans seemed to work.

With the exception of Brian Simms, I never admit it.

The Philadelphia Inquirer said, “In search of cultivating a sense of the inevitability of his governor’s ticket … Sims’ potential anxiety about the ticket,” even when Shapiro recently came to the center of the Philadelphia district of The Sims. I attacked qualitatively. ” He later said that Shapiro was about to drop him out of the race. Meanwhile, local Democratic leaders have accused Sims of “prioritizing his self-interest over his party’s self-interest.”

This battle, combined with The Sims campaign funding, is not what Shapiro needs to prepare for victory in November.

Indeed, even Davis seems to have doubts about Shapiro’s plans. In addition to submitting documents to run for Lieutenant Governor, Davis has applied to run for the re-election of state legislators this year. This suggests that he is completely unsure of his victory in Primary. The Sims, on the other hand, are all-in and do not want to be re-elected to his seat.

Josh Shapiro cleared the Democratic territory when it came to securing his own nomination for governor. But his inability to do the same for a carefully selected vice-governor candidate means that he is paired with a working companion who will be more politically responsible than assets in November. There is likely to be.

And for Shapiro, that’s a problem.

Matthew J. Brouillette is President and CEO of the Commonwealth Partners Chamber of Entrepreneurs, an independent 501 (c) (6) membership organization specializing in improving the economic environment and educational opportunities in Pennsylvania.

Vice Governor Josh Shapiro Issue

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